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NetUno Reduced Call Center Volume by 50% with Bruno, the All-in-One Virtual Assistant




Web, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram ,SMS.


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Reduction in call center call volume


Monthly Conversations via virtual assistant


Transactional services offered by the virtual assistant


Reduction in call center call volume


Monthly Conversations via virtual assistant


Transactional services offered by the virtual assistant

The Challenge and Goals

Transforming Connectivity in Venezuela

NetUno, a leading telecommunications company in Venezuela, is a pioneer in advanced internet, television, streaming, and telephone services. Since its foundation, NetUno has maintained their commitment to innovation, being the first company in Venezuela to offer broadband services. In 2019, they invested heavily in deploying fiber optics nationwide, anticipating the demand for high-speed services.

The demand for internet services surged during the pandemic, exposing the inadequacies of the existing infrastructure. Many Venezuelan families, who were used to accessing the internet at work or through cellular networks, faced limited connectivity at home. NetUno quickly positioned itself by offering the ideal solution, transforming the digital experience for its users.

This exponential growth brought significant challenges: a massive increase in subscribers and a shortage of technical resources. Automating routine processes became critical to maintaining service quality and ensuring efficient and timely support.

With clear objectives to increase customer satisfaction and reduce operational costs NetUno implemented advanced automation solutions.

The Solution:

Quantum Leap: Collaboration with NetUno, Macarena, and Aivo

Facing high subscriber demand and the need to support a massive volume of customers, the company decided to implement innovative solutions to handle the situation efficiently. "We decided we had to make a quantum leap, which involved paradigm shifts at NetUno," mentioned Oscar Ricci, CEO of the company. "Now we are extremely happy and satisfied with the results."

The close collaboration between NetUno, Macarena, and Aivo was crucial for this success. Macarena played a key role as a strategic partner in implementing Aivo's solutions. "The speed of implementation was incredibly spectacular," commented Yasmin Molina, Customer Service Director. "The change of provider was fast, efficient, and customized. We felt super supported in completing the implementation of the solutions in just one mFonth." "The collaboration with Macarena and Aivo has been key," added Yasmin.

With clear goals to increase customer satisfaction, reduce operational costs, and boost sales, NetUno implemented advanced automation solutions. After thorough research, they chose to partner with Aivo, an Engageware company, to achieve this.

Bruno, the All-in-One Virtual Assistant

NetUno's service strategy focuses on Bruno, the identity that NetUno gave to Aivo’s virtual assistant solution. Bruno is a highly transactional virtual assistant that provides automated solutions for 35 services.  

Top Transactional Services by the virtual assistant:

  • Service activation
  • Bill payments
  • Technical support
  • Service reconnection scheduling
  • Equipment refresh
  • Internet usage inquiry
  • Plan changes
  • Account status review
  • Current plan and contract inquiry
  • Product deactivation
  • Invoice downloads
  • Customer refunds

NetUno’s omnichannel strategy is one of its key strengths, allowing seamless integration across channels like Web, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, and SMS.

Aivo's virtual assistant's ability to manage multiple channels has been vital for NetUno, enabling customers to choose their preferred channel while receiving consistent service. "The implementation of Bruno has been a radical change in response and quick customer attention," comments Yasmin.

"Today, with Bruno, we can meet our customers' needs at any time and on any channel." The virtual assistant not only responds to basic inquiries but also performs advanced diagnostics and manages real-time incidents. "This is crucial to minimize response time and ensure that our customers always have the best possible experience," explained Yasmin.

WhatsApp: Empowering Customer Self-Service

Implementing WhatsApp as the primary channel has been a cornerstone of NetUno's strategy to improve customer service and streamline processes. "In the past, we had different WhatsApp numbers for each branch, and it was impossible to respond to all messages. We realized we needed a different solution."

Bruno, the virtual customer service assistant, enabled centralizing and automating responses through WhatsApp, achieving effective self-management, and significantly reducing the support team’s workload. "Our strategy is to offer rapid responses, efficient answers, and customer self-management," explained Yasmin. "With Bruno, customers can solve their problems independently.”

The virtual assistant facilitates interaction on WhatsApp and other digital channels, providing consistent and quick responses with 24/7 support. "Now, if a customer contacts us at any time, they know they will receive a quick response or solution thanks to Bruno." This strategy has enabled NetUno to reduce phone call volume by 50% since implementing the bot.

The constructive collaboration between Aivo and NetUno has been crucial, both focusing on providing effective solutions in the first interaction. The company has adjusted its policies to keep customers continually informed, enhancing customer satisfaction, and significantly optimizing its operational processes.


The Results

The Best Bot in the Venezuelan Market

One of NetUno's greatest strategic achievements with the bot implementation was gaining complete visibility of 100% of its customers, eliminating the notion of "invisible customers." According to Oscar Ricci, CEO of NetUno, "the worst thing you can have in customer service is an invisible customer who cannot communicate with you when they have a problem." With Bruno, all customers have a visible presence, and their needs can be effectively addressed.

Bruno is recognized by NetUno as the best bot in Venezuela, standing out as an essential value in the company's services. Oscar emphasizes: "Bruno becomes an added value to all our services. With him, we have managed to automate many of our processes," says Oscar. Thanks to the virtual assistant, the company has been able to integrate various services and automate processes to handle the massive growth of subscribers, allowing the customer service team to focus on more complex and higher-value tasks.

Achievements: Bruno Elevates Efficiency and Customer Experience

The virtual assistant has been crucial in minimizing response time and promoting customer self-management. These achievements have significantly transformed operational efficiency and customer experience.

Yasmin highlights that "the customer is never left without an answer, thanks to 24/7 support." This ability to provide quick and effective responses has increased customer satisfaction and reduced frustration associated with long wait times.

Key Achievements

  • • 50% reduction in call center volume. Yasmin Molina, Customer Service Director, mentions that "before Bruno, the number of phone calls was immense and overwhelming." With its implementation, customers can now manage their inquiries more efficiently through multiple digital channels, decreasing the need to call the support center.
  • • The virtual assistant handles an impressive average of 200,000 monthly inquiries. So far in 2024, Bruno has executed over 1.5 million transactional actions, effectively resolving user inquiries and needs.
  • Additionally, the bot has achieved a 90% success rate in query resolution, meaning only 10% of interactions are transferred to a human agent. "It has allowed us to handle a massive number of customers with a very high effectiveness rate," added Oscar Ricci, CEO of NetUno.

No other bot solution in the market is as resolute and transactional as Bruno, providing a notable competitive advantage and positioning the company as a leader in telecommunications innovation and customer service.

Continuous Improvement

The company shares a vision of continuous improvement of its services, ensuring that the bot is always optimized to meet its customers' changing needs. Yasmin Molina highlights that they have an "elite group" dedicated to continually evaluating and improving Bruno's performance. This team meticulously assesses customer ratings and contacts those who give a low rating to understand their expectations and adjust the service accordingly. This dedication to feedback helps maintain and elevate customer satisfaction.

Oscar Ricci emphasizes the importance of having the right data to make strategic decisions. "The environment is changing, and that allows us to improve. With Bruno, I can make more precise investment decisions," he says. This approach enables NetUno to adapt its services to anticipate its customers' future needs.

Looking Ahead

AI Driving Innovation

Oscar Ricci, CEO of NetUno, envisions how artificial intelligence (AI) can transform customer interactions, promoting complete self-management and a more fluid and memorable user experience. "People don't want to call and talk to someone; they want to solve their problems quickly through digital channels," says Oscar, highlighting AI's potential in this process.

NetUno has ambitious plans to integrate advanced AI capabilities into its services. This includes developing generative AI systems that can autonomously create new responses. Oscar mentions that "AI should allow us to fully automate the sales and follow-up process in a very smooth way, ensuring a top-notch customer experience. As we call it, an experience that the customer can delight in."

A Trusted Partnership  

The collaboration between NetUno, Macarena, and Aivo goes beyond a business partnership; it has been a pillar of success. Oscar highlights, "Aivo and Macarena are not just two providers for NetUno; we are partners because our projects are their projects." Yasmin, for her part, values Aivo's ability to stay ahead, offering solutions that anticipate and meet the company's emerging needs.

Maria Elisa, Commercial Director of Macarena, also highlights NetUno's vision and willingness to adapt and grow: "Oscar and Yasmin were visionaries from the beginning, adopting technology and working side by side to transform their customer service. This collaboration has been an incredible journey." "For its part, Aivo has developed a super robust and innovative platform that is completely breaking the mold, especially in the Venezuelan market. NetUno will be the first to leverage all these innovations."

NetUno is committed to continually improving and adapting its services, providing exceptional service to its customers, leveraging the latest technologies, and maintaining a close collaboration with Macarena and Aivo.

Next Steps

NetUno continues to innovate and expand its capabilities with strategic projects that further integrate automation and technical support into its service offerings. The company is developing a project with a virtual assistant to improve internal support, allowing field technicians to resolve issues more efficiently.

Another key goal is to expand automated sales capabilities through the virtual assistant. The aim is to automate the sales and billing process, complemented by email marketing and SMS campaigns that lead to interactions via WhatsApp. Yasmin highlights: "We are working so that Bruno not only handles inquiries but also drives sales of services like our streaming television, even to people who are not current customers." With these innovations in sight, NetUno plans to strengthen its position as a leader in telecommunications.

About NetUno

NetUno is a leading Venezuelan telecommunications company, founded in October 1995. It offers high-speed fiber optic internet, television, streaming, and telephone services. They provide continuous support and personalized 24/7 customer service, standing out for their innovative technology, high-quality standards, and a skilled and committed workforce.  

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