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Nimbi automates 90% of inquiries in three different languages with Artificial Intelligence









phone call decrease

48 secs

average suppport time




phone call decrease

48 secs

average suppport time

Nimbi is a supply chain technology platform from Brazil. With the goal of reinventing the future of supply chain and developing more efficient purchase processes, they combine their technological expertise with a desire to break the mold.

It was this that led them in 2017 to Aivo's conversational artificial intelligence to enhance their customer service processes. This is their story.

Innovation as the brand’s DNA

For Nimbi, innovation and quality go hand in hand. They were founded to contribute to the supply chain market's digital transformation, so innovation and a constant quest for better solutions are the cornerstone of their business culture.

“Since our value proposition is helping companies to be more and more efficient, innovation emerges naturally and is part of our daily routine in order to constantly refine our platform.” Jaqueline Eller | Nimbi Senior Corporate Operations Manager

Operating in more than 50 countries and with more than 200 customers, they offer their tech solutions with compliance guarantees to the sales industry, making them more efficient in a friendly environment.

The same technology for a global strategy

With innovation guiding their strategy, since 2017 they've been automating their customer service processes in order to adapt to the needs of the new consumer.

“Nowadays, users are more demanding and expect customer service to be quick, high quality and always available. Most of them prefer to communicate with apps, email, messages, social media, conventional chat and chatbots. They look for simple solutions to solve their needs quickly,” explains Jaqueline.

Image of Nimbi's chatbot powered by artificial intelligence where a customer can solve customer servicec inquiries automatically.

But they also needed to find one single technology to cover the customer service needs for all their Latin America and North America markets. This meant finding a global technology able to address a high volume of inquiries and also understand multiple languages.

In order to improve the overall experience and reduce costs, they decided to add a virtual assistant powered by artificial intelligence to the team to supplement the work of their human agents.

Why Aivo's artificial intelligence? Its quick implementation, the availability of the Customer Success executive for Nimbi’s daily processes and its advanced conversational technology made the choice easy.

Training a multilingual bot with artificial intelligence

The main challenge for the Nimbi team was developing a language across their digital channels that covers the needs of different consumers. This way, they aim to use technology every day without losing that human touch in customer service.

To do this, the bot speaks the languages of all Nimbi users. It understands and converses fluently in Portuguese, English and Spanish without having to change any settings. Plus, it understands natural language like emojis, abbreviations, regionalisms and typos.

In that sense, both inside and outside the chatbot, agents work each day to optimize the communication process and enhance content.

Their mission? Making sure the experience is increasingly structured and simple, understanding that users don't tolerate glitches and slow processes anymore.

“We train our team to offer customers quick and high quality service. The chatbot helps us to allow some items or questions to now be available in the same window. Users only need to click there to get the answers.” Jaqueline Eller | Nimbi Senior Corporate Operations Manager
Image of Nimbi's chatbot powered by artificial intelligence where a customer can solve customer servicec inquiries automatically.

Artificial intelligence and humans working together

The virtual assistant doesn’t work on its own. Instead, it works with a team of human agents in charge of receiving and classifying calls, answering user questions, transferring orders and requests to higher levels and setting up new portals, among other tasks.

Instant resolution, happy customers

As a result of the implementation, Nimbi experienced significant improvements in their customer service.

On the one hand, they reduced call volume and service tickets by 55%. These were replaced by automation and live chat service.

Today, the chatbot answers 90% of the inquiries it receives. And if that weren't enough, it does it in an average service time of 48 seconds.

All this was achieved with the same strategy and technology in all regions.

“You have to constantly study customer behavior in order to understand the process and help customers complete their tasks successfully and effortlessly. It’s important to identify eventual problems and resolve them quickly so they feel taken care of and assured. Without this, we'd see a decrease in satisfaction and trust.” Jaqueline Eller | Nimbi Senior Corporate Operations Manager

Towards a better problem-solving bot

With their chatbot now operational and fully trained to provide a high quality experience, Nimbi is already looking at their next steps.

They’re now about to start integrating the chatbot with their apps and customer service platform. Thanks to the Aivo chatbot’s transactional capabilities, users will be able to check the status of their orders, for example.

Likewise, they're planning to use Live as a strategic channel for their business teams.