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Nimbi Boosts Customer Service with a 93% Resolution Rate with Aivo







Resolution Rate


of inquiries are handled by the Virtual Assistant

1:40 Min

Average suppport time


Resolution Rate


of inquiries are handled by the Virtual Assistant

1:40 Min

Average suppport time

Challenges and Goals

Discovering the Perfect Ally for Customer Service via Chatbot

Nimbi is a Brazilian company specializing in supply chain management technology for businesses of all sizes and types. Currently, the platform serves over 400 clients and more than 300,000 suppliers.

Recognizing the growing relevance of artificial intelligence in today's tech landscape, Nimbi has also invested in implementing Aivo's generative AI solutions. This strategy involves adapting support content through specific URLs, allowing for more fluid and relevant interaction through the virtual assistant. This initiative aims to strategically adapt to the demands of the new consumer:

"Our users are becoming more demanding and expect customer service to be personalized, fast, high-quality, and available all the time. They seek quick solutions for their needs," explains Jaqueline Eller, Chief Operating Officer of Nimbi.

It was in 2017 when Nimbi was looking for a customer service solution that was not only effective for clients in Brazil but could also handle a significant volume of inquiries in a natural, humanized, and resolute manner.

The Solution

Virtual Assistant as a Team Member

To enhance customer experience and reduce operational costs,they decided to add a virtual assistant powered by artificial intelligence to complement the work of their human agents.

Why Aivo's artificial intelligence? Its rapid deployment, the availability of Aivo's support team for Nimbi's daily processes, and its advanced conversational technology made the choice straightforward.

Revolutionizing Customer Service with AI and a Human Touch

The biggest challenge faced by Nimbi's team was developing a language for their digital channels that met the diverse needs of users. The goal is clear: to integrate technology into daily operations without compromising the essence of human service.

To achieve this, Nina, Nimbi's Virtual Assistant, is designed to understand natural language, including emojis, abbreviations, regionalisms, and typos.

Additionally, it facilitates the transition to a human agent when necessary and simplifies integration with the ticketing system.

Inside and outside the chatbot environment, agents are constantly improving communication and content processes. The goal? To ensure that the user experience is increasingly fluid and intuitive.

"We train our customer service team to provide Nimbi clients with swift, high-quality service, with empathy and always prioritizing customer satisfaction during business hours. The chatbot, besides helping distribute inquiries, ensures information is available 24/7. Users can make inquiries by typing directly or simply clicking on the available options to receive the desired information". says Jaqueline Eller, Chief Operating Officer of Nimbi.

Artificial Intelligence and Agents in Synergy

Nimbi's virtual assistant does not operate in isolation. It works in harmony with a team of specialists responsible for a range of essential functions. These specialists are tasked with initiating personalized human support, categorizing inquiries, as well as clarifying user doubts, addressing configuration requests, or escalating to higher levels of service.



Revolution in Customer Service: How Aivo's Virtual Assistant Resolved 82% of Inquiries at Nimbi

On Nimbi’s journey toward customer service excellence, a significant milestone was achieved with the implementation of strategies focused on automation and direct live chat interaction. This change not only revolutionized how the company connects with its customers but also brought unprecedented efficiency to its processes.

With the introduction of Aivo's Virtual Assistant, Nimbi witnessed a remarkable advancement: a solution capable of resolving 82% automated inquiries, reflecting the strength of artificial intelligence and automation technology in enhancing customer service. Aivo's Virtual Assistant not only increased Nimbi’s client satisfaction but also demonstrated how technology can significantly improve a company's services.

Currently, the company's Virtual Assistant delivers impressive results:

  • 93% resolution rate
  • 82% of inquiires are handled by the virtual assistant  
  • 1:40 min. average response time

Jaqueline Eller, Chief Operating Officer of Nimbi, highlights the importance of adaptability and a deep understanding of customer needs: "This allows our team to provide tailored service, facilitates seamless resolution. Quickly identifying and resolving inquiries is crucial to ensure that our platform users feel well-served and secure, thus improving our customer satisfaction."

About Nimbi

Nimbi is a technology company specializing in Supply Chain Management, with 100% cloud solutions that increase productivity and generate savings. Its constant search for innovation led Nimbi to adopt Aivo's Conversational AI technologies in 2017, marking an important step in the evolution of its customer services, reflecting its continuous effort to seek solutions that bring significant savings to organizations, aligning advanced technology with effective business strategies to face the challenges of today's market.