There is a common denominator worldwide in the holiday season: shopping, shopping, and more shopping. As in Black Friday, this madness generates an excess of demand that only the best-prepared stores can face.

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E-commerce on the rise

Consumers look for a fast, effective and hassle-free shopping experience. Therefore, E-commerce is the preferred option when buying the perfect gift. According to a projection of Deloitte for 2018, in the dates close to Christmas the sales in general would grow between 5% and 5.6% while the online ones would increase between 17% and 22%. A survey conducted by the consultancy shows that E-commerce continues to grow and “they expect to represent 57% of all purchases.” Good news for electronic commerce.

An over-demanding landscape

The weeks leading up to Christmas will require more effort and dedication on your part. Some clients will not rest until they find the ideal gift, others will wait until the last moment to do all their purchases and a third group will plan each of their acquisitions in advance. For your company, these behaviors will mean a storm of queries through digital channels, both day and night and in short periods of time.

How to keep up with the consumer habits of buyers is not an easy task, an automated customer service is the ideal ally of your agents in these times. An intelligent virtual assistant will understand the intentions behind the questions of your clients, will provide an effective and instant answer and will allow you to specify more sales.

Marketplace: special content for every occasion

We know that what is most needed in these weeks is preparation time. Therefore, we assemble content packages so you can quickly answer all kinds of questions related to the holidays. You can also choose packages for Mother’s Day, Halloween, Children’s Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We tell you a little more about this solution so you can make the most of it.

Do not waste your time, new content in 3 clicks

  1.  If you have already acquired AgentBot, from the platform menu you should go to the “Import” tab and choose the “From the Marketplace” option. There all the ready-to-add packages will be displayed. If you still do not have AgentBot and want to know this facility, you can access a test for 30 days. It’s simple and you do not need a credit card.








  1. Choose your preferred package and download it, for free! For these dates, we recommend the Christmas package. In it, you will find Christmas spirit intentions such as “Merry Christmas!” or “What is your favorite Christmas movie?”, And others more specific to your company, such as “Are there promotions for Christmas?”, “Until what time do they open on the 24th? “and” When can I change a gift I received at Christmas? “, among others.
  1.   Once downloaded, you will find the content in the “Knowledge” section of the platform. The intentions, their ways of asking and the obligatory words will already be programmed so that you do not have to take the trouble to do it. The Christmas spirit will have an assigned response and some will come with a GIF or image. Of course, they are editable and customizable.
  2.   The intentions will be disabled by default. This allows you to download and configure them with time so you can get better prepared for the date. When you want, activate them and they will be ready for your virtual assistant to use them.
  3.   Always remember to post the changes when you have finished your work and you want it to start up. Otherwise, the virtual assistant will not register the intentions and your clients will not get answers for their Christmas consultations.

A true reason for celebration!

Save time and money by using packaged content. In a few steps, you will have configured your intelligent virtual assistant that will answer the queries automatically and with a natural language. Thus, you can anticipate the over-demand of these dates, close all sales and provide the best service to your customers. You will have a successful end of the year!

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