Teclab automatically resolves 98% of its customer inquiries with Aivo

Teclab, Higher Technical Institute from Argentina, decided to make a difference and bet on innovation with artificial intelligence in the world of education.
Learn how they managed to adapt technology to students, delivering an incredible customer service experience and great results in the process.

Adapting to a new student

Certainly, education has undergone many changes in the last decades (not to mention this past few months). Once strict structures are now disassembling due to the constant need for flexibility, adaptation, and personalization. So, If education is the future, we must talk about those who have the will to innovate and transform it, especially nowadays.
Teclab is the first Higher Technical Institute in Argentina that offers official short courses of 2 years, with an intermediate certificate and 100% online, allowing students to adapt their study times. Its premise is to innovate, both inside and outside the classroom, always putting students first and responding to their needs.

Its main goal is to provide an education that is not static, but rather one that adapts and evolves permanently according to the requirements of society.

To achieve this, however, Teclab’s team understood there was a complex problem to overcome: the gap between what the current education system offers and what is needed in the professional world. How could they offer a 360°, innovative customer service while improving the student experience and all-around communication?

Implementing the perfect assistant

Teclab decided to join forces with AgentBot, Aivo’s conversational bot, to start the innovative communication adventure and offer an omnichannel experience to their students and community. In other words, going one step further and providing a better communication experience through all the channels of Teclab’s community.
This is how Albert, the intelligent virtual assistant, was created for the Customer Service area. This way, students and all of Teclab’s community can make immediate inquiries through their preferred channels, making the platform adapt to users, and not vice versa.

“Thanks to our AgentBot, Albert, we are learning to transform and evaluate the interests of our students every day: how they think, how they write, and what they need, and we are transforming this into answer quality, improvements in satisfaction, and effective self-management.”

Moisés Rivera | Head of Student Success

Achieving outstanding grades

In 2019, 19,500 interactions have already been made. Today, the conversational bot manages to answer 98% of the questions it receives and solve 80% of them in a single instance, that is, without needing a second question. These numbers highlight one of the greatest advantages of Customer Service automation: immediate responses and problem-solving ability through a single channel.
Teclab also has another achievement to highlight. Although the company has a support team of human agents to resolve more complex inquiries, since May 2019 there haven’t been any instances where transfer to human agents was needed. This demonstrates how the Customer Service team constantly learns and improves with the bot’s metrics in order to provide increasingly more accurate and satisfactory answers.
On the other hand, the conversational bot is receiving very good feedback from students, who give the satisfactory interactions a thumbs up. They rate bot answers with 79% effectiveness.
Facundo Montero, Sr. Student Experience Analyst, shares his vision of the tool and the results: "Our students are always looking for quick and effective answers. With the analysis tools offered by Aivo, we learned to understand these needs and to give Albert the knowledge to make him an effective and immediate solution, getting him to successfully respond to 98% of interactions."

Learning every day

Loyal to a dynamic education, Teclab seeks to push the limits and continue growing together with Aivo. Therefore, plans for the future include the possibility of adding new integrations and facing even greater challenges to continue making education the best path.
Movistar reduces Customer Service costs in digital channels by +30% using AgentBot
Movistar reduces Customer Service costs in digital channels by +30% using AgentBot
Movistar reduces Customer Service costs in digital channels by +30% using AgentBot
Movistar reduces Customer Service costs in digital channels by +30% using AgentBot

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