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Totvs automates 83% of the queries via WhatsApp


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of queries automated via WhatsApp




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The Challenge: A New Service Structure

TOTVS deployed Aivo's Conversational AI to minimize human assistance and improve its customer service by adding new channels. Previously, they provided support only over the phone and by e-mail, but this move towards automation brought them closer to an efficient, empathetic, and innovative strategy.

“We started with the challenge of replacing the structure that already existed, in which the client contacted us by phone or e-mail. Adding a new channel also required providing a new customer experience, encouraging adoption, performing the necessary integrations and validations,” said Adriano Busch, Support Manager at TOTVS.

WhatsApp as the focus of the strategy

The key to the success of TOTVS conversational solution lies in its integrations and channels, thus providing an empathetic, responsive, and omnichannel service.

 A new channel also appeared with the automation strategy: WhatsApp, the most widely used messaging application across the world.

“We worked very hard on the WhatsApp project. Our channels were already easily accessible, but WhatsApp is even easier, as it is a very common tool nowadays, with wide availability, and we don't have to teach the customer how to use it. This shortens our abandonment queue, and the analyst can handle up to three simultaneous chats.” | Roberta Vorago, TOTVS Support Coordinator.


Therefore, WhatsApp's main advantage as a support channel is that it is part of the customer's routine. “While they talk to us, they talk to the family, or to the owner of the company. In this digital channel, we chat with several people at the same time,” she added.

To boost queries via WhatsApp, the TOTVS team launched specific campaigns that refer to this channel, being able to communicate with its customers through this channel using pictures, voice messages, and even emojis, stickers, or gifs. The bot's effectiveness and fluency gradually increased as more and more users chose this channel to communicate with the company.

In addition, the conversational solution is natively integrated into Zendesk so that queries can be transferred to agents automatically when required by the customer, and is also available through web chat.

Polo Ronaldo, Technical Support Analyst, details the benefits of this integration: “One advantage is the management of three or more simultaneous cases, in addition to having all the information integrated into the same platform. When the service is first started on WhatsApp, the customer is asked for important information on Support, so we avoid repeating requests and this reduces friction. It works for the customer because it provides flexibility and fluidity, and it also works for the agents”.

The Outcome: High adoption and satisfaction

Thanks to the new strategy, the TOTVS team was able to solve its two main challenges: reducing human assistance and improving the experience.

Soon they were able to automate 83% of the queries on WhatsApp with AgentBot, reaching 84% of interactions with a reply and 51% of recurring users.

As a result, queues have been reduced and, thanks to Aivo's platform and its integration with Zendesk, its agents receive fewer queries and can handle three at a time. This streamlined support processes for both customers and agents.

In light of all of this, TOTVS was selected as a featured client in the 2021 edition of Aivo Awards.

Customizing and Scalability: The Next Steps for TOTVS

WhatsApp will undoubtedly continue to be an essential feature of TOTVS' Customer Service strategy. “Service is seamless, access is easy and interactions are instantly done. Next year, we will continue focusing on this channel,” said Roberta.

In order to do this, the company will keep working on customizing and upgrading the content of the Conversational AI to offer more interactions and increase the assertiveness of the solution. “We will invest more in customizing and improving workflow design, which is essential for good assertiveness and good service. And I think that with all this in mind, organized and designed, it will be a success,” added Polo.

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