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BAC Credomatic uses conversational AI in six countries with a 94% effectiveness rate.


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BAC Credomatic, one of the leading banks in Central America, provides the same experience to all its customers in six different countries and through multiple channels. Read more about its history below.

The Challenge: An empathetic digital strategy

When planning its support strategy, BAC Credomatic focuses on the purpose of building loyal and long-lasting relationships with its customers in a sustainable manner through all digital products and services.

When looking for an automated solution, its goal was to further innovate and strengthen its digital presence without compromising empathy and approachability with the customer. Aivo' s conversational platform became a key part of its strategy to achieve this.

“We work very hard to think of technology in terms of customer experience and as part of an end-to-end value proposition. That is what the chatbot is: it works as a vital piece to offer an efficient experience for the business and a good one for the customer.” | Joaquín Vargas, Digital Experience Manager

Central America's banking assistant

With very clear goals in mind, the BAC Credomatic team implemented Aivo's conversational solution in the six countries where it operates: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Panama

In all these countries, the bot can assist via webchat; in Costa Rica and Guatemala, it can also do so via Facebook Messenger, providing an additional option to its customers.

But what makes it truly an exceptional banking assistant are its integrations. Currently, the AI-enabled platform can answer queries on balance, accumulated points, account status, exchange rate (dollar/euro), and social security information.

 In addition, the conversational AI solution is connected to other customer service tools, such as Genesys Engage, allowing for the transfer of queries to human agents.

Thanks to this automation strategy, BAC benefited from a key ally during the pandemic to ensure continuity of service.

 “In the case of the bank, we have taken several steps and, thanks to being ahead in a digital strategy, we have been able to get closer to the customer and be more efficient. With this push, we take advantage of the pandemic to allow customers to test digital solutions and get feedback to improve them,” said José David Rojas, Assistant Manager of Customer Experience.

For all these reasons, it was distinguished in Aivo Awards 2021 in the category of Outstanding Banking Integration.

The results: High adoption by customers

Thanks to Aivo's conversational solution, BAC Credomatic is able to provide an automated and efficient experience to its customers. This is evidenced by the figures: during 2021, it effectively answered 94% of the queries received in an average time of 1:07'.

Only 23% of the queries were transferred to human agents, and many of them are part of the bank's referral strategy under certain circumstances.

As Joaquín Vargas explains, “the world has been emerging from the pandemic, but in this transition to normality, digitization indicators have been maintained. Once customers adopt a practice and learn its benefits, they build a habit.”

Moving forward: An increasingly omnichannel experience

“The next thing is to see Aivo's platform as part of a customer service ecosystem. Customers communicate by the means of their choice, depending on the situation. The challenge is to have that information available in the channel that the customer chooses and to integrate ourselves not only in terms of technology but also regarding content.” | Joaquín Vargas, Digital Experience Manager.

To achieve this, the team is working on a customer journey that includes increasingly complex queries, prioritizing cross-channel integrations and updating content on an ongoing basis.

BAC, agile, simple, and innovative

With almost 70 years of experience, BAC Credomatic is one of the main banks in Central America. It currently offers financial products and services to more than 3.8 million users in the region, seeking to leave a positive mark in each of the countries in which it operates.