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Grupo Petersen increased inquiries on their bot by 500% during the pandemic


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increase in automated queries




average support time


increase in automated queries




average support time

2020 brought countless changes to the way companies connect with their customers. The pandemic forced us to rethink goals and redefine strategies at the last minute. Grupo Petersen turned to conversational AI to face these challenges. This is their story.

100 years innovating in the country

Grupo Petersen is a group of companies created in 1920 that's one of the most important economic groups in Argentina. Companies that are part of it include Banco Santa Fe, Banco Entre Ríos, Banco San Juan, and Banco Santa Cruz.

Constant evolution and innovation have been essential pillars of its culture from the start. With over 2 million customers today, their mission is to become regional leaders in digital banking.

“We are currently in the process of digital transformation, improving processes, channels and platforms in order to offer our customers better service,” explains Luciana Della Croc, Chief Digital Officere.

The future is digital

Grupo Petersen banks seek to keep up with the modern consumer by constantly evolving.

“Customers today are more curious. They ask questions, they compare and decide. They've become more demanding, and the process of purchasing a product or hiring a service is getting more and more complicated,” adds Luciana.

This is why digitalization has become an essential component of their strategy. To accomplish a comprehensive digital transformation process, the company created a department with three technology-supported pillars: Digital Channels, Digital Marketing, and Data & Advanced Analytics.

With these, they're looking to better understand their users and adapt to their needs, plus offer an effective, empathetic, and efficient digital experience.

The pandemic's arrival sped up and magnified this need so much more, which is why they powered their service channels with the help of Aivo’s conversational AI.

Their goal? In the words of Leandro González, PMO of Grupo Petersen, “to be able to resolve queries and claims on the same contact channel without needing to transfer to another channel, and be able to help customers any time and in any place, emphasizing an omnichannel strategy.”

“We chose Aivo for the easy setup. It was the solution that best matched the short time frame we had to complete our project.” Leandro González | PMO (Digital Portfolio Management Officer) of Grupo Petersen

Intelligent and conversational service

With the help of our technology, Grupo Petersen sought to automate their service without losing the connection with their customers. They sought a solution that would streamline processes, save time for contact center agents, and offer a better experience.

“Our old chatbot was limited in resolving intents, which is why customers would receive incorrect answers. This led to negative feedback and then customers avoided using the channel,” says Luciana.

But since implementing AgentBot, Aivo’s conversational AI chatbot, they could understand their customers’ requests and questions, train the bot with a series of answers, and resolve frequent concerns.

Easy content management lets them have a constantly updated and effective bot for customer questions and concerns.

Actually, they recently added more than 400 new intents to its knowledge, using available complements like multimedia videos and co-browsing.

And with the bot’s co-browsing functionality, they helped older customers manage their accounts digitally by guiding them through their channels.

Winning results

Since implementing AgentBot, Grupo Petersen achieved a 500% increase in using the bot to resolve queries. Right now, 96.5% of interactions with the bot get an answer.

By doing this, positive customer feedback increased by 40%, based on a provided satisfaction survey. The positive comments are mainly due to the assistant’s quick answers, its accuracy, and clear information that's provided.

Finally, they reduced the average support time to less than 1 minute, 46% less than it was in 2019.

With these incredible numbers, what Grupo Petersen values most about Aivo is the tool’s flexibility and simplicity, its reports, team trainings, and ongoing support.

And that’s not all. Grupo Petersen is currently working on integrating the bot with WhatsApp. They're also still working with the training department to bring a more personalized service in line with customer need.