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Together with Aivo, Disal bets on innovation in the Publishing Industry





automated queries

1 min

average support time


automated queries

1 min

average support time

In a market strongly affected by technology in recent years, foreseeing changes and innovating is the key to survival. Always one step ahead, this company, pioneer in distributing and marketing books, found a new path using artificial intelligence. This is their story.

Once upon a time…

Founded in 1968, Disal was born with the ultimate goal of contributing to the dissemination of knowledge and providing specialized, high-quality customer service.Today, it has been one of the largest distributors of books and teaching materials in Brazil for more than 50 years. Their catalog has more than 400,000 titles, they work with more than 350 publishers and own 18 stores.

However, changes in technology, customer behavior and their new way of communicating continue to take hold of the modern world.

“The customer profile has changed in the last few years, and Disal is adapting to this new consumer who is even more demanding in regards to new experiences and multichannel service.” Francisco Canato | Director of Disal

Before using Artificial Intelligence for customer service, the Disal team would receive 4,000 daily calls with all kinds of inquiries. Demand was even higher at the beginning of the school year, which slowed down purchasing and distribution processes. So, they faced the following question: How could they take advantage of technology in order to enhance the site’s service throughout the year and not only in periods of higher demand? In order to achieve this goal, they bet on AgentBot and, together with Aivo, they created Clara, an AI-powered virtual assistant.

A character that comes to life

This is where the Aivo Onboarding team jumps on to the story.

As Disal's first approach to the digital world, aligning goals from the beginning was the key to success. The experience was created together, with exchanges of ideas, specialized consulting and exclusive advice to begin the adventure of bringing the virtual assistant to life in the best possible way.

It was then, with automation as the main focus, that the Aivo team went through each stage of the process with Disal until the successful launch of Clara.

Clara answers online questions 24/7 naturally and with a defined personality, adapting answers based on continued learning. She can find a specific book, track orders, provide information about school textbooks, among others. In addition, the virtual assistant with conversational AI can integrate with other systems and add complements.

The result? Significant improvements in customer experience, time optimization, and company growth. 90% of the queries are resolved without the need for a human agent, and the average attention time is 1 minute.

To be continued…

Today, Disal continues to grow and provide automated support to its customers 24 hours a day. This allows sellers to optimize their time so that they can dedicate themselves to more complex tasks, while the conversational bot takes care of other tasks, related to frequently asked questions and self-management.

In addition, the Disal and Aivo teams continue to work together. How? through training, workshops and activities that enrich Disal's journey and its customer service with artificial intelligence.

“Our success to this point has been so huge that the company is already assessing other areas where AI can be implemented”, says Francisco Canato.

This is why Disal is currently evaluating the possibility of incorporating automated service in its telephone channels. Their choice? Voice, an Artificial Intelligence solution that integrates human empathy and daily dialogues to telephone communication in customer service. The goal is to continue offering high-quality, personalized customer service on all fronts.

We will continue to accompany Disal in the daily challenge of providing incredible experiences and contributing to the dissemination of knowledge, 24 hours a day, every day of the week.