February 4, 2019

Omnichannel CX: Why should you implement it in your business?

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Your potential customers want to buy quickly and comfortably through an integrated experience. They sign in from different devices and communicate through all available means. They are real time users looking for a rewarding shopping experience, and they expect the best service.

How can you meet these potential consumers’ needs? The answer is in Omnichannel Customer Service, and we’ll tell you why.

Omnichannel Customer Service: The new consumer profile in the digital age

Customers used to go to a physical store to see products, check prices and make purchases. Today, they shop digitally through different channels. This means that customers can check your product’s features on social media, request prices via email, and purchase through your sales chat.

This new way of shopping has led companies to offer multiple contact channels as a means for survival in today's market. And this is not entirely wrong. It’s very important to respond to your customers' needs through different channels, but it’s useless if you don't have a strategy to coordinate and organize those interactions.

Omnichannel solution: the key to efficient communication

There’s one need that is still among us despite constant changes: customers want an integrated shopping experience. They expect you to meet their needs and demands even when they use different channels to communicate. And this is where the omnichannel solution comes into play.

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Omnichannel Customer Service integrates all communication channels of a company making its interaction with the customer easier. The goal is to provide a consistent service so that the user doesn’t notice differences, overlapping or errors between the channels.

This means that the data collected from all customer interactions is centralized in a single database allowing the company to provide comprehensive and consistent service through all channels. With an omnichannel solution, you can know which channel the customer has used to contact the company in the past, what type of interaction it was and which products or services they purchased.

Omnichannel Customer Service considers customers as unique individuals, analyzes their records, understands how they interact and knows their interests and preferences. This allows you to customize each user’s experience with the brand and to anticipate their needs.

Advantages of an omnichannel experience

The following are some of the main advantages of an omnichannel experience:

Customer Service for all users

Some customers will prefer to communicate with your company through online chat or email. Others will choose self-service alternatives like forums and FAQs. And there are those who still prefer social media or even being contacted by phone. These different profiles require a service that adapts to their needs and is always ready to assist them through their preferred channel. An omnichannel solution is the best way to achieve this.

Fast response

Time is a key factor for ensuring a positive user experience with your brand. Omnichannel service has a strong impact on immediate responses. It can provide solutions for the user in just a few seconds. Therefore, it’s an excellent feature for increasing sales: the faster you provide information, the greater the likelihood the customer will make a purchase.

Customer retention

If the service meets your customers’ expectations, they will be more satisfied with your company — and satisfied consumers buy more. According to a report by Harvard Business Review, a 5% increase in customer retention may mean an increase of up to 95% in a company’s annual earnings. The flexibility offered by an omnichannel experience can be a great ally for your company’s growth.

Data collection

Storing your customers’ data in a single place helps with predictive analysis, allowing you to make more focused and assertive strategic decisions. Moreover, it’s a great source of information about your current customers and your potential buyers. Having this information at hand will help you develop very efficient Marketing and Sales initiatives.


Consumer behavior is constantly evolving. Therefore, adapting to the new ways of establishing a relationship with them is essential.

Remember that an omnichannel strategy focuses on your customer’s current needs, so you must be easily and quickly available, at all times and through all channels.

With Omnichannel Customer Service, you will encourage successful user experiences, exceed your customers’ expectations and improve your brand’s reputation, resulting in amazing outcomes for your company.

If you have any questions about how to implement an omnichannel solution in your company, please contact our experts. They are always ready to help.

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