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Over 2 million interactions with 90% retention rate





hours free for agents

2.3 m





hours free for agents

2.3 m


Goal: Assisting through all channels without losing identity

During the pandemic, digital channels became essential to maintain the level of service and quality of the brand. But it was not simply a matter of channeling queries through different platforms: the challenge was to provide a personalized and efficient service with Havaianas style.

Regardless of the global context of the early 2020s, the brand was (and still is) growing by leaps and bounds around the world. Solving more queries in less time and optimizing processes became a priority that could not wait.

Today, Havaianas' virtual assistant performs over 2 million interactions with users in 90 countries, freeing up more than 100,000 hours so that human agents can focus on the most complex cases.

Iana: more than just a conversational bot

At Aivo, together with Havaianas and Sitel, we developed an intelligent, empathetic, dynamic, and strategic virtual assistant. It should be able to offer a distinctive customer experience, aligned with the brand's values and identity, further enriching the relationship with consumers through the use of Conversational Artificial Intelligence. This approach was developed by Sitel, our expert CX partner, and approved by the Havaianas team, reinforcing its positioning and tradition in providing good customer service.

Iana, bot from Havainas

This is how Iana was conceived, a virtual assistant that today plays a fundamental role in the growth of sales and opening of redemption tickets. With a retention rate of over 90%, it also took on the role of fashion consultant as a true personal shopper, offering consumers options for looks and gifts.

“Consumers should have the feeling that they are talking to a Havaianas employee. Our intention is that Iana solves doubts and provides a fast service so that the consumer can leave life happy.” Iván Félix, Havaianas User Relations Manager.

Multilanguage chatbot from Havaianas

How do you develop a virtual assistant with so much personality?

The development and customization of Iana required several steps involving the three companies. The project was challenging: it was essential to integrate the bot into the campaigns to optimize the possibilities of contact with customers, while maintaining the right tone and voice. Everything was carefully thought out to create a superb experience: fun, joy, and the brand's characteristic carioca spirit.

Once the research stage was completed, deployment was a little easier. As the platform is very intuitive, the Havaianas team was able to create all the content and upload it to the bot to start bringing Iana to life.

“From the launch, we prepare the bot to be as assertive as possible throughout the project. We perform regular upgrades, but we want the user to talk to Iana from day one and receive the most appropriate reply. To increase satisfaction and retention, learning is never ending.” Lúcia Andrade, Project Manager (PMO) with Sitel Group.

Iana, the super-powerful assistant

●       Analyzes images using deep learning

●       Reads product images submitted by customers

●       Performs exchange processes with 76% assertiveness

●       Analyzes product return requests

●       Reports the status of orders placed in the online store

Results that keep surprising

In one year, we have achieved results with Iana that have freed up over 100,000 man-hours of human service. The bot manages to handle the vast majority of calls without transferring them to agents, and its retention and assertiveness rate has been very high since the beginning of the project, reaching 80% at launch, and currently maintaining an average retention rate of 90%.

●       Available in 30 countries and 5 languages

●       90% retention

●       88,000 sessions/month

●       2.3 million interactions

●       +100,000 hours free for agents

●       +1400 calls handled per day

●       It interacts with users from more than 90 countries and over 3400 cities. 

Havaianas is a Brazilian trademark, recognized worldwide for adding a touch of joy and color to everyone's feet. Iana, its virtual assistant, needed to reflect this relaxed, unique, and enthusiastic spirit.

●       Iana lives in Rio de Janeiro, although she loves to travel all the time to learn about new cultures.

●       She is 30 years old.

●       She is hooked on Havaianas (she has all the models!).

●       She describes herself as half thoughtful, half robot, and not at all formal.