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"We seek to provide our customers with speed and accuracy. We like answering their questions without the red tape. After several meetings, we understood that Aivo was able to deliver what we needed and even more" Lucas Cabral Garrote  - Marketing Analyst at Lyx

In the past few months, homes became the center of people’s lives. The same thing happened to online customer service, which increased substantially. But what happens when both are combined? Lyx, a Brazilian construction company, uses conversational artificial intelligence to improve customer experience from the first inquiry to the purchase and construction of houses.

They decided to implement AgentBot, Aivo’s AI conversational bot, to transform their daily communications with customers and improve the experience.

Strong foundations

Lyx began operations in 2007 in Araucária, in the state of Paraná. Their mission was always clear: build high-quality houses at the best price and as quickly as possible.

But in a fast-moving world, innovation couldn't be kept out of construction.

Lyx has sought out digital transformation since the beginning, from the first interaction with potential or existing customers to construction site collaborators. Lucas Cabral Garrote  - Marketing Analyst at Lyx

Felyx, the key to success

Before adding their virtual assistant Felyx to the team, the marketing department was wasting a lot of time on digital channel service.

Today, the bot interacts with users on the three main service channels: WhatsApp, Facebook and web chat. This way, the Lyx team can handle more complex tasks while the assistant brings intelligence, speed and innovation to initial contact with the customer.

Felyx answers inquiries about real estate projects, programs, property sales and financing calculators, among others. It can also tell the difference between existing and potential customers, and lets visitors apply for open positions in the company.

“When you provide good, informative and consistent service, customers are more likely to go ahead and purchase your product,” explains Lucas.

About the tool, he adds: “It’s very good. It’s constantly improving, adding new interactions to conversations. The chatbot answers are diverse and flexible, always thinking about user experience.”

The sky's the limit

17,000 people have already made the dream of a home come true thanks to Lyx. Meanwhile, the company gained hours of productivity and intelligence in lead distribution across their digital channels. Plus, they increased monthly sales all because of AI.

But that’s not all: they decided to add the solution to post-sales service, understanding that this is as important as the sale itself. “You can’t simply drop your customers after they buy your product. Customer service after the sale is as essential as the sale,” Lucas concludes.