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Teleperformance, one of the world’s leading customer service companies, knows exactly how to provide a good service experience, not only for customers but for collaborators and applicants as well. Next, discover how their Human Resources team uses Aivo’s conversational AI solutions to optimize internal communications and recruiting processes.

The challenge: a centralized and available service

Teleperformance has over 23,000 employees and thousands of candidates apply for job opportunities worldwide. In this context, the company makes its services and programs available to everyone on a daily basis to guarantee simple and quick access to information. The challenge? Growing closer to its collaborators, ensuring their happiness, and avoiding overloading the support areas.

Before implementing Aivo’s platform, they had a reduced staff and an overload in the recruitment service channels, resulting in over-demand for the Human Resources team and leaving many applicants without a response, which in turn damaged the company’s image.

This is why in 2021 they turned to Aivo’s conversational AI solutions, with the objective of “offering a single channel available 24/7 where employees have access to all of the company’s processes and services, whether they are internal employees or external applicants,” explains Thalita Devai, who is in charge of the project at Teleperformance.

Implementation: all about team effort 

The bot is currently available for the web channel, supporting candidates during the application process and assisting employees with the company’s internal procedures. 

Teleperformance implemented the bot together with Aivo’s team, who led the entire process and promoted best practices for bot content curation. “This partnership was the key factor for us to achieve considerable results since the implementation,” explains Thalita. 

“Aivo caught our attention by offering an omnichannel solution in a simple and uncomplicated way, training tools, a platform with several features to create and improve customer experience, and a support team available to help us with questions, as well as consulting services to ensure the bot’s continuous improvement.” | Thalita Devai, Teleperformance Project Leader

Results: a 5-star service

Teleperformance currently automates an average of 13,000 queries per month in an average time of 36 seconds and with a 96% efficiency rate, resulting in an average satisfaction rating of 5/5 stars from users.

The main impact is reflected in the WhatsApp applicant channel (managed by humans). There, their main challenge was to ease the agents’ workload by reducing the number of queries, and they were able to achieve this with conversational AI. Thanks to this technology, they now have the lowest number of human-managed queries in this channel.

Our company has improved results in terms of communication and rapprochement with employees and applicants and reduced the number of calls in internal areas and service channels, such as WhatsApp and 800 numbers,” says Thalita. 

“For those companies not yet working with this technology, look to Aivo for full support and understanding of AI solutions, and watch your business take off!” | Thalita Devai, Teleperformance Project Leader

Next steps: integrations!

Now that the bot is fully implemented and showing positive results, their main objective for the future is to make it more assertive, increasing its response power and integrating it with other systems for greater resolution.

The next step is to use and take advantage of all the features offered by Aivo to empower our bot, making our AI more functional every day. A project I find interesting which will be our next step is using the AI not only as a space for frequently asked questions but also for resolving requests through the integrations that Aivo offers in its platform,” concludes Thalita.

About Teleperformance

Teleperformance is a global leader in solution design, corporate strategy optimization, customer service, and other business operations such as finance, technical support, and accounting.

With more than four decades of experience, industry expertise, and innovation, Teleperformance offers a comprehensive service portfolio for companies around the world.