March 17, 2022

How to do Marketing on WhatsApp Effectively

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There are over two billion WhatsApp users worldwide. Yet despite being the globe's most popular messaging app it is still relatively underused as a marketing channel. But do you know the many benefits it can bring?

As the internet moves towards a cookieless future WhatsApp is set to become essential. Read on as we discuss how to enable a WhatsApp chatbot and how to use it to do marketing effectively.

Advantages of WhatsApp Marketing

There are many unique benefits to marketing with WhatsApp. Since it's a communication channel as opposed to a social media platform, it offers a new set of tools for your digital marketing strategy..

Allows a Business Profile

A business profile allows you to provide information to customers they need. In a standard profile, you may only have your name, picture, and number. Yet with a business profile, you can include websites, physical addresses, opening hours, and more.

Advanced Options

When opening a Whatsapp business account you get access to a wider range of tools. These include increased visibility on the way your messages are sent, received, and read.

Separates Business and Personal

If you have a small business and do most of the marketing yourself, you don't want to blur the line between business and social. Posting personal pictures and comments can only lead to problems later down the line and may even turn some customers away. Keep it professional by opening a designated business profile.

Payment Handling

One essential tool is the ability to receive payments. WhatsApp is a secure service that can let you receive money from customers. You can send out a product or offer and payment can come fast and easily over mobile channels.

Define Your Goals

Before you even begin to delve into WhatsApp, you need to know why you are doing it. Every digital marketing strategy needs goals so that strategies can be measured, an ROI can be calculated and improvements can be made.

Start by looking at your current marketing strategy and identify any weak spots. Improving these then becomes your primary objective. Work out what KPI you can use to check the impact improvements are making and see if WhatsApp marketing tools may be able to assist.

Know Your Target Audience

WhatsApp is the world's most popular messaging app and though it is millennials that use it the most, a wide demographic can be found there. However, it is a mistake to assume all users are the same and to place them in the same communication channel.

One way to get around this is to create multiple customer profiles. You may already have these as part of your social media marketing planning. Once you do, you can tailor communication on WhatsApp to the designated profile.

Get a Business App

WhatsApp has its own application for businesses. By opening a WhatsApp business profile you can place all of your company details, such as an address, website, and business description. Increased statistics on deliveries, read and sent messages, also make it easier to track your efforts.

Other WhatsApp marketing tools include built-in catalog features. They let you showcase products you may have in your inventory. A sophisticated but easy-to-use labeling feature allows you to assign categories according to the point in the customer journey.

Compile a Contact list

When you want to use WhatsApp to increase sales and conversions, you need a contact list. For this, you can begin to mine other digital channels. You may place forms on your website or give incentives for leads to sign up.

Install a WhatsApp Chatbot

If your goal with your marketing strategy is to improve customer service, then you may consider a Whatsapp chatbot. These are easy to install for all sizes of businesses. They are an excellent way to enhance retention and foster customer relationships.

The chatbot will respond to any questions and queries people may have. Not only does this solve their problems quickly, but it also takes a lot of the workload from you and your staff.

Hints and Tips for WhatsApp Marketing

To get the most from WhatsApp there are a few helpful tips you can employ. Alongside a sound digital marketing strategy, they should increase customer retention, conversions and help you attain your KPI targets.

Use Different Messaging Formats

WhatsApp has a whole host of tools that it puts at your disposal. Everything from location dropping to voice messages can be sent out on the platform. While you don't have to use them all, it can keep your customers interested if you mix it up a little.

One way to do this is to use content from other social media channels in your messages. If you spend time crafting great pictures for Instagram, then send them through the image function. If the marketing department crafts an excellent TikTok video, then push it through WhatsApp channels.

Advertise WhatsApp Customer Service

There is no point in setting up WhatsApp for business if no one knows about it. Make sure you place your WhatsApp customer service number wherever other contact information is placed. When combined with chatbots you may find it reduces the workload of your customer service team.

Utilize Broadcast Lists

Broadcast lists allow you to send a message to a number of recipients at once. By curating individual lists, you can send message to groups based on customer personas. These are extremely easy to create using the plus icon under the more section of WhatsApp.

Getting Started With Whatsapp Marketing

Now you know how to employ Whatsapp marketing and utilize a Whatsapp chatbot, begin your journey. Start by identifying how and why you are using the platform. From here, you can formulate a journey of improvement.

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