November 23, 2022

How to anticipate customer service demand with AgentBot

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Along with the last few weeks of the year comes the peak in demand for most industries. Without a doubt, providing an optimal customer service experience is one of the primary keys to making this time of year an opportunity and not a double-edged sword. AgentBot is a conversational AI-powered chatbot that can become an indispensable ally for your company to successfully surf over demand.

Whether we are talking about a retail company that is starting to have many more inquiries, sales, and requests, or a financial company whose users are asking to increase the limits on their cards, the end of the year is a critical time for customer service. How many news stories have we read over the years about companies and businesses being overwhelmed due to high demand during the holiday season? The answer is many.

It is common in November and December for telecommunications services to collapse, e-commerce websites to "crash" and companies, in general, to take longer than usual to provide answers to their users.

The collapse is imminent, but that does not mean that we should naturalize it. A collapsed company with its agents and servers overloaded with tasks is certainly not a profitable company.

Conversational Artificial Intelligence offers exactly the support companies need to avoid collapse.

What is conversational AI?

Conversational AI is a mix of technologies that enable the creation of human-like interactions between computers and humans. It works mainly through automated messaging channels.

Some of its capabilities are:

  • Recognize and interpret messages, whether they are sent by text or voice.
  • Understanding the intentions behind a message
  • Decipher the message no matter what language it is written in, also understanding regionalisms.
  • Respond in a natural way, mimicking real human interaction 

Conversational AI is an innovative technological advancement that drives many facets of the customer experience in various industries. Using conversational AI, you can expand various sectors of your business and seamlessly conquer the high-demand season.

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AgentBot: Your ally in customer experience

In a nutshell, AgentBot offers a 360° solution: it is a conversational AI-powered engine that creates exceptional customer experiences. We are talking about a 100% automated intelligent agent, capable of holding natural and flexible conversations with users and providing instant, responsive answers.

AgentBot allows companies to interact 24/7 with their customers from various channels: web chat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and more.

How to leverage AgentBot in times of high demand?

Being an automated agent, AgentBot does not suffer from overloads and is 100% scalable. It can respond with the same speed in times of low and high demand, without losing personalization and responsiveness.

To make the most of the opportunities offered by AgentBot at any time of the year, we can suggest 4 fundamental steps to keep in mind. If you follow them, you will be able to guarantee a high-quality, responsive and personalized customer service experience 24 hours a day. Take notes:

  1. Clear objectives

There is no magic solution for everyone. The reality is that, when it comes to times of over-demand, all industries face different challenges, so they will have to act in different ways to achieve their goals. This is why the first and most important step in leveraging AgentBot in times of high demand is to have clear objectives. Understanding why the company needs this solution and what we are interested in improving will help us to have clear objectives to meet. Of course, these objectives can then vary depending on the results, the time of year, and the different needs of the business. 

Perhaps, if we are talking about an e-commerce business, the goal for the end of the year will be to increase sales by a certain percentage. If we are talking about an educational institution, the objective may be to get new people interested in the careers of the next cycle. In a telephone or Internet company, the objective may be to obtain a greater number of new customers or more plan upgrades. The possibilities are many, and it is critical to narrow them down to understand how we should prepare our Conversational AI platform. Once it is ready, it will be able to respond appropriately to each objective and make every interaction an opportunity for growth.

  1. Adapt content

In AgentBot, the control of the content is 100% in the hands of the company. All relevant information to deliver an intelligent experience can be uploaded at any time by anyone on the team. You don't need to be a tech expert or web developer to manage the content on the platform.

For the conversational AI platform to be truly responsive, companies need to know what crucial information to upload to the platform. AgentBot offers the ability to create questions and answers, and add plug-ins for a richer user experience. For example, you can add buttons, carousels with images and links, send files, and much more.

A tip for your chatbot to be always responsive: take advantage of the faqs of your website. The FAQs are the list of questions that are most frequently asked to a brand or company. Having automated answers to frequently asked questions is the kick-off to decompress human agents from repetitive tasks, so they can focus on solving more complex issues. It's also a great first step if your company has a new chatbot and you don't know where to start uploading information.

  1. Integrate your technology stack with Studio

The most important part of effective customer service is that it is truly responsive. This is achieved by managing the necessary integrations. Integrations are at the heart of personalized interactions. With Studio, your company can automate conversational journeys with custom integrations that fit your sales and support objectives to give your customers the right information at the right time. With the ability to create your own integrations, Studio is a low-code tool that adapts to the specific needs of each company to help automate processes, no matter how simple or sophisticated.

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  1. Review past metrics and analytics

What you can't measure, you can't improve. This is why AgentBot has the ability to visualize metrics from your first interaction. Building a data-driven strategy is the path to constant improvement and evolution. In Aivo's detailed analytics dashboard, you will be able to visualize session data, evaluate chats, measure feedback, and gain insights to improve future strategies.

Analyzing metrics will allow the company to further refine the accuracy of its responses. You will be able to learn new ways to formulate questions, new keywords and frequent vocabulary among users. 

Other strategies to anticipate demand

Aivo Suite enables you to deliver a unified experience from the first interaction to the last. From automated AI conversations to transferring live agents to the same chat window, it offers the ability to create seamless conversational journeys that meet your customers' needs every step of the way, any time of the year.

To make the most of the over-demand season and AgentBot's intelligence, we also recommend you keep these two things in mind:

  1. Send proactive notifications.

With Engage, you can send proactive notifications via WhatsApp to your users. Whether they are one-time communications or recurring campaigns, with Engage your company has the possibility to connect directly with the most used messaging service in the world.

With Engage, you can:

  • Notify you of relevant and personalized offers.
  • Recommend new products
  • Offer upgrades to various products, services, or subscriptions
  • Enhance upselling and cross-selling strategies
  • Send updates on the status of shipments or other services.

In times of over-demand, it is important to keep your customers updated on various topics, such as promotions, shipment status changes, product stock changes, product launches, and much more.

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  1. Developing a video avatar with conversational AI

Integrations, as we mentioned earlier when talking about Aivo Studio, are crucial to delivering personalized interactions. But they are not the final step: there is an opportunity to deliver an experience even more similar to human interaction.

Conversational AI avatars are human-like customer service agents that can have infinite interactions powered by conversational AI engines. Like conversational AI platforms, avatars immediately respond to and resolve user queries, the difference being that they do so via audio and video.

The main advantage of conversational AI avatars is that they can provide round-the-clock customer service with an, even more, human-like empathetic touch than chatbots.

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Surfing over demand with AgentBot

Conversational AI is the key to delivering exceptional customer experiences, even in times of high demand. To stand out, companies today must leverage technology to their advantage. The ability to have empathetic and natural conversations, and to deliver purposeful experiences are aspects that users don't overlook.

If you want to discover all that AgentBot can offer your company at the most important time of the year, take the AgentBot 30-day free trial.

Are you looking for new ways to improve your CX?

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