March 10, 2023

Telegram for customer service: best practices and use cases

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Telegram is quickly becoming a popular choice for customer service channels due to its ease of use and reliable messaging system. In fact, by November of 2022, it had 700 million monthly active users worldwide. By combining this broad reach with the right tools, Telegram can become an ideal customer service channel for many businesses.

In this article, we will discuss how Telegram can be used effectively for customer service, including best practices, tips on automation, and use cases.  We’ll also explore the main benefits of using Telegram for your business's customer service needs. By the end of this article, you should have a better understanding of how Telegram can help improve your company's customer experience.

Telegram for CX

Telegram is a great choice for businesses looking to provide their customers with an exceptional customer service experience. Telegram allows companies to quickly respond to customer inquiries and give them the support they need on time. Telegram is an ideal platform for providing customer service due to its user-friendly interface, secure messaging system, and wide range of customization options. 

By integrating Telegram with an AI chatbot technology businesses can automate customer service tasks such as responding to frequently asked questions or providing basic support services. This can free up customer service representatives' time to focus on more complex tasks. Telegram also offers a variety of options such as group chat, to send large files for example, or Telegram’s channels that can be used to keep customers updated and informed about the latest product or service updates. These tools enable businesses to create seamless and complete digital experiences for their customers.

Who are we talking to? Target audiences of Telegram 

Telegram is an ideal customer service platform for any kind of businesses, from small startups to large corporations. 

This platform's features make it suitable for any business looking to reach users from all over the world. Actually, 38% of Telegram users are from Asia, 27% from Europe, 21% from Latin America, and 8% from the Middle East and North Africa. As for Telegram's age range, the majority (61%) of its users are under the age of 34.

Telegram's target audience is mostly tech-savvy consumers, as it offers a variety of features and customization options. These features are perfect for those who are comfortable with using different tools to automate their customer service needs. 

Main Benefits of Telegram for customer service

Just like other channels like WhatsApp Business, Instagram and Twitter, Telegram offers the ability to automate conversations with chatbots powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), providing instant solutions for customers' problems. Additionally, Telegram also allows companies to collect valuable insights about their customers which enables them to better understand how they can provide a  resolutive experience. 

These are just some of the main benefits that Telegram provides when it comes to customer service: 

  • Flexible with files: Telegram is an incredibly flexible platform when it comes to files. It allows users to share photos, videos, files, and catalogs in different formats without worrying about size limitations. 
  • Enhanced security and privacy: Telegram's cloud storage provides users with the ability to store data securely and encrypted so that their sensitive information remains safe. Furthermore,  it is possible to edit messages and/or set them to self-destruct once they have been read by the user. 
  • Massive groups: Telegram is a great way to stay in touch with your customers and provide them with the best customer service experience. With Telegram, you can create massive groups for communication purposes, allowing you to reach out to large numbers of people at once. While on other platforms you can add a limited number of users, on Telegram that limit grows to 200,000 participants. Therefore, this option is ideal to create and nurture a community among your customers. 

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Telegram: why automate customer service on this channel? 

Thanks to its broad audience and secure messaging system, Telegram has quickly become a popular choice for customer support. By integrating Telegram with an AI chatbot technology, businesses can automate tasks such as responding to frequently asked questions or providing transactional services through instant messaging. Automating customer service on Telegram can provide businesses with numerous benefits such as improved efficiency, better customer experience, and cost savings.  

But, why should you automate the attention on this platform? Let’s take a look at how automating this channel can help you improve your CX strategy:

Save resources  

Telegram automation can allow businesses to respond to customer inquiries faster and more efficiently, leading to a better overall customer experience. By integrating with a conversational AI platform, businesses can provide fast and accurate responses without the need for manual labor. Furthermore, these bots can be trained to learn from past conversations and adapt accordingly, ensuring that customers always receive accurate answers with minimal effort needed from the business end. 

Automation also helps businesses to save valuable resources such as time and money. This feature allows companies to focus on other tasks instead of spending their energy solely on customer service. The efficient use of Telegram automation tools gives businesses an edge over the competition when it comes to providing better customer experiences. 

Provide personalized experiences 

The automation bot can be trained to learn from past conversations and to gather valuable data about customers’ preferences so it can adapt the following communications to it. This can be used to create more targeted marketing campaigns, aiding in improving customer loyalty over the long term.

In addition, your team can send proactive messages with updates about customers’ past queries or concerns. This not only contributes towards improved customer satisfaction but also enhances brand loyalty due to its speediness and effectiveness in resolving problems quickly with minimal stress levels for all involved parties.  

24/7 instant response

Companies can provide immediate customer service with platforms that are already known to their customers. Millennials and Generation Z have become accustomed to resolving all their issues with brands online, so being present on these sites, as well as providing automated yet efficient 24/7 support will undoubtedly lead to greater satisfaction levels among customers which further solidifies the connection and loyalty of companies.

Improve engagement

Take engagement with your customers to the next level, and interact with them as you would naturally and like a real person. Whilst there are plenty of bots out there for Telegram, not all of them can establish open and natural conversations. We’ll cover this in the following section. 

Implement an omnichannel strategy

An omnichannel strategy is essential in today's digital landscape; you must be present in all available channels and offer a consistent experience across each one. By incorporating new communication platforms, like Telegram, brands can extend their reach by engaging with customers on multiple levels while simultaneously boosting their online visibility.

Automated conversational journeys for Telegram

Nevertheless, automating this channel is not just about introducing a chatbot to answer frequent queries. It's all about providing the customer with an instant solution, that's what successful automation looks like. At Aivo, we proudly talk about automated conversational journeys which can effectively direct customers right to their desired destination.

To comprehend automated conversational journeys, let's take a peek at the finest practices to automate Telegram.

Establish Seamless Conversations with AI

When integrating a chatbot, the foundation should be built on conversational Artificial Intelligence. This allows your company to communicate in a natural and relaxed manner without sounding robotic. It can comprehend regional expressions, emojis, audio messages, and more while responding as if it were human. 

With this technology, you are also able to add media like images, videos, carousels, quick reply buttons, and forms for an even better experience when interacting with customers. 

Solve issues on the spot

Customers don't need to be transferred from channel to channel or wait hours for an agent to provide a simple answer - they want their problems solved in the first interaction. By providing solutions instantly, customer satisfaction and happiness are heightened significantly. Don't make customers wait; solve their issues on the spot! Some customer inquiries require transactional information, such as:

  • "How do I track my order status?" 
  • "How do I activate my credit card?"
  • “What’s my account balance?”

A chatbot or conversational platform needs to be integrated with the company's technology stack, such as a banking system or e-commerce for it to address queries like those mentioned above. This integration is vital because it permits the chatbot to identify each user, authenticate them and deliver transactional data that will provide comprehensive answers.

With complex integrations, the best course of action is to have a conversational platform that can easily integrate with other technologies. To make this happen, Studio by Aivo is perfect - they provide a low-code integration builder which not only lets you create countless possibilities for more efficient customer conversations but also gives your business an edge in the competitive landscape.

Know your customers

Proactively getting ahead of customer inquiries, researching their needs and preferences, and monitoring support on Twitter for feedback - all these are necessary steps to ensure your customers' issues can be solved during the first interaction. By collecting valuable insights from customers through various channels, you will have a better understanding of how to provide them with an impeccable service experience.

To ensure your conversational platform is prepared to answer any questions, you should routinely monitor the queries that remain unanswered. Furthermore, it's essential to acquire feedback from users so that you can constantly enhance and refine your service - with customers always at the core of all decision-making.

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Use cases of Telegram

Telegram is the ideal platform for customer service. Now that you know this, how can it be leveraged? If you're wondering where to start, look at these use cases and examples from various industries and business areas.

  • Provide swift resolution to frequently asked questions, primarily those on information. 
  • Provide attentive attention to complaints, such as a rejected card or malfunctioning internet/telephone service - creating support tickets when necessary. 
  • Respond and accommodate new sales opportunities with appropriate knowledge about products or services (plans, cards, upgrades), by way of an inquiry form.
  • Answer the most common questions about products or services to help customers find great deals and discounts. 
  • Assist in tracking orders and addressing any issues related to them. 
  • Generate new sales opportunities by providing quotes for a product or service, as well as drawing potential buyers through current offers. 

These examples only scratch the surface of what you can do with Telegram automation for customer service. How far you take it depends on your business needs and industry, but rest assured that this handy platform has plenty to offer--all that's left is figuring out how best to use it!

Start connecting with your customers through Telegram

Take your customer connections to a whole new level with Telegram! This automation offers numerous advantages for businesses and organizations, such as providing 24/7 support service that ultimately enhances consumer loyalty and engagement. Plus, it allows you to measure the performance of each campaign with worldwide reach. 

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