October 21, 2022

Engage: How to send proactive discounts via WhatsApp

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In the age of hyper-connectivity, brands need to get closer and closer to users to capture their attention and build strong relationships. WhatsApp is a perfect tool for this. 

Studies show that 54% of users would prefer to complete the entire purchasing process via WhatsApp. But is it really possible to reach customers through such a personal medium and generate efficient communications? The answer is yes, you can by using Engage - a key tool in Aivo's suite that we'll tell you more about in this article.

After years of dealing with invasive campaigns, spam and dissatisfied customers, companies have realised that effective communication is two-way, and that an attractive and well-targeted message is as important as the recipient's willingness to receive it. This is the premise behind Engage, Aivo's tool that allows you to create WhatsApp campaigns globally, simply and without code.

A solution to connect with users' routines

In the maelstrom of information, promotions and discounts that we find every day online, the possibility of connecting in a more personal way with users is a privilege that should not be taken for granted. Through Engage, businesses can send proactive notifications through a medium that customers already have fully incorporated into their lives and which is effortless for them: WhatsApp. Engage creates relevant campaigns and initiates intelligent conversations at different scales.

Simplify communication with customers

Starting conversations on a platform that is familiar to all users is starting off on the right foot. A direct communication channel is a differential that can positively enhance the relationship with your customers. In addition, customers must give their prior consent to receive proactive notifications from the brand, which gives us an initial indication that they are interested in what we have to communicate.

Create global campaigns

Engage offers the ability to send proactive notifications to customers around the world. After a process as simple as importing a .csv file with the details of the audiences, you can send messages by WhatsApp to any part of the planet with just one click.

Monitor campaigns in real time

Thanks to Engage's reporting, your strategy will only evolve. In Engage's campaign analytics dashboard, you can view the status of each campaign, analyse its results and download reports in a matter of seconds to boost future campaigns.

Engage's campaign analytics dashboard

Campaigns for different needs

A key part of personalising the experience is understanding that not all audiences will benefit from the same type of messages. Engage has the ability to send proactive notifications of different kinds. Let's take a look at some more:  

Recurring campaigns

These are campaigns that, through Engage, trigger proactive messages in response to specific user actions. For example, to confirm a doctor's appointment the day before, to notify the status of a purchase, or to send a card statement every month. These types of campaigns are recurring because they are set up once and then sent in an automated way without the need for manual intervention.

One-time campaigns

These are one-time proactive notification campaigns that require an established contact base. This type of campaign is ideal for large-scale communications, for example, announcing the launch of a new product with a special pre-sale price.

One solution for multiple purposes

The options for proactive notifications to send in Engage are limitless. It will depend on the needs of each brand and the creativity they have when it comes to writing what they want to communicate. Some common successful uses of Engage campaigns are to:

  • To give notice of relevant and personalised offers
  • Recommend new products
  • Offering upgrades to various products, services or subscriptions
  • Boost upselling and cross-selling strategies
  • Send updates on the status of shipments or other services.

Engage can serve a variety of purposes, as long as the message sent complies with the three essential pillars of proactive communication:

  • Be expected: That is, the brand must have the explicit consent of the person receiving the message.
  • Relevant: Offer information that is personalised to the recipient.
  • Timely: Send the appropriate message at an appropriate frequency.

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Steps to create an Engage campaign

  1. Select the type of campaign according to your goals: recurring or one-time
  2. Name the campaign, choose the line number that will send the messages and the template you prefer.
  3. This step will depend on which type of campaign you have chosen: 

a). If you selected a one-time campaign, you will need to upload the campaign audience. Import a CSV file with the contact base and the template data. You can download an example adapted to the chosen template as a guide. Once uploaded, the platform will validate that the number of variables match the template, and will check the phone numbers.

b). If you selected a recurring campaign, you will need to copy the code Engage provides to connect the platform to your systems to configure when and at what event notifications will be triggered. 

  1. Finally, you will see an overview of the campaign before launch and the estimated maximum value of the campaign.

That's it! If everything you see in the preview looks correct, you can start your proactive notification campaign.

When you start the campaign, Engage will start sending all the corresponding messages. In case any uploaded number is not available, Engage will try to send the message for 24 hours, and then automatically terminate the campaign. If it failed to send any of the messages (either because the number is invalid, non-existent or any other reason), it will be deducted from the total value of the campaign. 

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Pro-tips to get the most out of Engage

Understand the company's objective when sending each notification

What is my objective in initiating this personalised WhatsApp communication? The objectives of each message can look very different depending on the industry sending them. Whether you are looking to inform, sell, convert or invite, the call to action must be clearly specified, and it must be appropriate for the audience receiving it.

Customise the notification by variables

Who is the message targeted to? Message templates allow you to add various parameters to personalise your communications. You can put the customer's name in the template, a specific value, the time of their medical appointment, or the date the order will arrive, etc. . This will result in a personalised and targeted message, with a much higher chance of conversion.

Incorporate opt-in and opt-out buttons

We never get tired of repeating it: opt-in, opt-in, opt-in. Sometimes it's as simple as adding an "opt-out" button, and this will ensure that you have a healthy, effective and profitable database.

Linking to AgentBot or a live agent

Engage is a facilitator of intelligent conversations on a large scale, but this does not mean that the interaction should end there. Should the user receiving the proactive notification have further queries or wish to continue the chat via WhatsApp, it is critical that they always receive a response. Either through a live agent or through a conversational AI-powered platform.

Enrich messages with visual elements 

In addition to including emojis and buttons to provide a more dynamic experience, Engage offers the ability to include videos, photos and files. This not only creates a more engaging proactive message, but also a more purposeful one. For example, in the case of an airline, instead of sending the user a message with the text "your check-in has been confirmed", you can also send the attached ticket as a file for the customer to download with a single click.

In addition, the buttons included in the proactive notifications can streamline multiple actions: whether it's opening a phone call, following a link to a website or a previously uploaded intent in AgentBot.

Start sending proactive notifications for Black Friday

Both Black Friday and the holiday season around the end of the year make for the biggest sales opportunities of the year. For brands, it's imperative to be prepared with scalable, personalised strategies that rise to the occasion.

With all the tools that conversational AI offers at your disposal, it's now up to you to decide how to use them to take your strategy to the next level.

If you're ready to automate exceptional customer experiences and transform strangers into happy customers, take the Engage tour today and discover how Aivo's solutions can help your business.

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