March 22, 2022

How to Start Selling on WhatsApp

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WhatsApp is the most widely used direct messaging app worldwide. More than 2 billion people use it to communicate daily with their loved ones. If you own a business, you can use the app to reach more clients.

While the app wasn’t initially considered a marketing tool, you can now leverage WhatsApp business to boost your engagements, sales, and revenue.

All you need is to know how to use it effectively.

Below is a comprehensive guide on steps to start selling on WhatsApp and practical tips to help grow your business on the app.

Step 1: Download the WhatsApp Business App

You can get the WhatsApp Business app from the Play Store. The app is free with a similar user interface and functionality to the traditional WhatsApp version. One notable difference is that it allows you to create a business profile.

Step 2: Create a Business Page

After downloading the app on your smartphone, you need to verify your phone number. You’ll also have to create your business profile. Ensure the profile has useful information such as the name of your business, address, description of your business, email, and website. Also, you can set up a profile picture.

Step 3: Set Business Hours and Craft Welcome Messages

You can set your business’ opening hours. What’s more, you can curate a welcome message for your clients.

Step 4: Advertise Your WhatsApp Business

Make sure your clients can find you. You can use digital or brick-and-mortar store marketing solutions to promote your WhatsApp Business.

Step 5: Manage Incoming Chats

Once you’ve followed these steps, you can chat with your customers and start selling your products and services. You can also download the WhatsApp web to help you effectively manage your chats.

Step 6: Getting Your Account Verified

You can go a step further and verify your WhatsApp Business account. Having a green tick next to your business’s name can help boost confidence and trust among your customers.

Tips to Boost Your Brand with WhatsApp Business

Don’t know how to do business on WhatsApp? Here are a few tips and tricks on how to run a successful WhatsApp business.

Use a Business Mobile Device and Phone Number

Before you start using WhatsApp Business, ensure you have a mobile device and a phone number used only for business. It helps separate your business from your personal life. Using the same phone number and devices makes it easy for your customers to call or send messages after business hours.

This can disrupt your social life when you aren’t working. Additionally, it reduces your chances of slipping up and sending a private message to your customer.

Ask for Your Customer’s Phone Contacts

You can’t sell on WhatsApp if you don’t have enough contacts. This is why you need to create ways of getting contact information from your target clients.

You can use integrated channels to get your customers’ contact information. For example, you can ask your clients to fill out a form on your website to get their phone numbers.

When getting their contact information, make sure you ask permission to add them to your WhatsApp contact list. Make it clear that they’ll receive messages about your business. Also, use various channels to advertise your phone number so that your clients can recognize it.

Craft Interesting Content

When creating WhatsApp messages, keep them clear, concise, and engaging. Your clients are more likely to read and engage with short messages. Short messages are also more direct, helping you get to your point and call-to-action quicker.

You can also use GIFs, images, and videos to make your WhatsApp marketing efforts more compelling. Additionally, you leverage WhatsApp status updates to post discounts or limited-time offers. This will increase engagement and entice users to make a purchase.

Respond Faster to Clients

Slow response times can increase frustration among your clients, prompting them to never do business with you again. When using WhatsApp, make sure to reply quickly to clients.

An artificial intelligence chatbot can help you answer customer queries faster with automated conversations. This WhatsApp automation reduces customer wait time, improves query resolution rate, and boosts customer experience.

Add Quality Links

In addition to creating interesting content, you should also add relevant links to your content. For instance, you can link your message back to your business or social media platform. It can allow your customers to find out more about your business.

If your customer is interested, they can simply tap on the link and be taken to your website or social media account.

Create a Messaging Schedule

As with any marketing strategy, selling on WhatsApp also needs proper planning. This is why you need to create a messaging schedule. It’ll help you get organized and decide beforehand on the type of content that you’ll send.

Planning will also help you reduce the chances of sending the same message more than once. However, ensure you don’t bombard your clients with commercial messages all the time. Be mindful and only send messages when you have important and interesting information.

Send Personalized Messages

Sending a message with long texts that seem to have been copied and sent to all phone contacts can be annoying for your customers. Some clients may even decide to block your number. Personalizing your WhatsApp messages can help your clients feel that you care about their needs.

This doesn’t mean you should write completely different messages for each person. But you can craft and send custom content that interests each user at specific times.

If you’re selling different products or services, you can separate your contacts according to their interests. This way you can tailor messages to match their needs.

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