November 11, 2022

How Telcos Are Using Chatbots to Boost Their Business

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In 2019, estimates showed that consumer retail spending via chatbots was a little bit under $3 billion. However, by 2024, that number is expected to reach more than $140 billion! You will be hard-pressed to find many industries enjoying that kind of incredible growth in demand!

But what is driving this amazing rate of growth? Modern conversational AI chatbot tools can provide an improved customer experience. Artificial intelligence chatbots for telcos can also help businesses complete more sales.

And these benefits are only the beginning. There is a long list of benefits that come with using modern artificial intelligence chatbots. Read on to learn all about how telecommunications companies are using chatbots to grow their business success!

Let Your Customers Enjoy an Omnichannel Telecommunications Chatbot

These days, if a telecommunications business wants to maximize its success, it needs to exist on many channels. Many businesses have figured out that they need to be on facebook. But savvy telecommunications companies also have a presence on WhatsApp Business, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

These telecommunications companies also make sure that they can receive messages from a wide variety of tools. Along with accepting traditional phone calls, modern companies need to be able to receive messages through text, voice notes, or even images. 

Every platform that you exclude means excluding the potential customers who favor that platform. However, there is a trade-off between comprehensiveness and efficiency.

It can take a lot of work to monitor 10 different platforms that might be receiving messages from future customers. However, you don't need to hire more and more customer service representatives to monitor all of these platforms. Instead, you can use modern artificial intelligence tools.

Modern chatbots can access messages across many platforms. They can then consolidate them in a single place. From there, they can respond to all incoming messages.

This allows companies to reduce their customer service budget. It also allows them to cut down on human error. Even trained customer service representatives can make mistakes when trying to manage so many platforms at the same time.

On top of that, using a chatbot to consolidate incoming messages makes it much easier for business leaders to review past conversations when they need to.

Use an AI Chatbot to Improve Your Sales Success

People at the cutting edge of technology are getting used to the idea that you can replace many customer service representatives with modern technology.

However, not as many people realize that modern chatbots are advanced enough to work in sales as well. Of course, they will not have the same persuasive abilities as a trained salesperson. However, there are many kinds of sales that are as simple as processing an order that a customer knows they already want to make.

The simpler a sale is, the more likely it is that a chatbot can manage it for you. On top of that, even if a chatbot cannot make a sale from beginning to end, it can boost your conversion rate.

For one thing, chatbot tools can open themselves up while potential customers are viewing your webpage. They can start a dialogue with a future customer.

Even if the future customer does not decide to buy then and there, the chatbot can prepare them for a human salesperson.

All of this means that you need fewer salespeople to manage busy work and can focus on having skilled salespeople that can handle more difficult orders. This also allows skilled salespeople to focus on what they are best at. They will have much less busy work to manage.

That can allow them to enjoy greater satisfaction and less boredom in the workplace.

Artificially intelligent chatbots can also pick up the slack when a salesperson needs to take a break. When your human talent is sick or unavailable, your digital talent can help soften the blow of their absence.

Provide Service Around the Clock With Artificial Intelligence for Telcos

There are many things that human representatives can do that artificially intelligent chatbots cannot. However, the one thing that digital talent excels at is availability.

When your top human talent is gone for the day or asleep, you can rely on chatbots to continue to provide excellent customer service. For many companies, that means that they can start offering service around the clock instead of only during business hours.

For other companies, it means that they can stop outsourcing their nighttime customer service needs to people on the other side of the planet.

Save Money With Conversational AI for Telcos

All of this means that telecommunications business leaders are finding ways to use chatbots to save money. They are increasing the efficiency of their companies. They are adapting to the changing landscape of business opportunities.

As technology changes, it is often the companies that adapt the quickest that end up leaving their competitors behind. Especially as we face difficult economic times, saving money is more important than ever. That goes double with the prospect of hyperinflation.

Modern Chatbots Are Better Than IVRs

Many people are unsure about the quality of chatbots. Some people remember how clumsy chatbots were several years ago. They imagine that there cannot have been made that much progress in just the past couple of years.

However, the field of artificial intelligence is progressing at an incredible rate. Just as voice-to-text tools on phones used to be clumsy, and now have a high degree of accuracy, so our modern chatbots are far better than those from just a few years ago.

In fact, it is not uncommon these days for someone not to realize they are talking with a chatbot until part way through the conversation. Some companies even go out of their way to label their chatbots because so many people are mistaking them for real people.

Those facts are a testament to how well modern artificial intelligence can approximate the competent conversation of a skilled customer representative.

Improve Your Customer Service Approval

Other people are concerned that they might annoy people who call or message the company. In most industries, people prefer talking to a human on the phone rather than a robot. The telecommunications industry is no exception.

However, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First of all, modern artificial intelligence does not make nearly as many mistakes as traditional robots on the phone.

Second, the choice for a customer is often not between speaking with a live agent or a chatbot. In many cases, the choice is between talking with a chatbot or staying on hold.

As much as people prefer to speak to live representatives, they prefer even more not to wait on hold. Using chatbots can help you get customers off hold faster. Even if they would have preferred to speak to a live agent, they will still have a better experience due to the decreased waiting time.

Increase Engagement With Your Content

Modern chatbots can understand a little of what people are doing as they look through a telecommunications company website. They can sometimes figure out what users are trying to find on the website. Or they can figure out what might be an appropriate product or service to mention.

The end result is that chatbots can start dialogues on telecommunications company websites. Starting these dialogues invites people to engage in a more serious way with the website.

Once they have started a dialogue, there is a greater chance that they will proceed to engage with your website content in other ways. That is even more likely to be true if they do so on the recommendation of a chatbot.

Revolutionize the Customer Experience in the Telecommunications Industry

Many people think of chatbots as a way of trading off between customer experience and efficiency. The truth is that you can improve efficiency and the customer experience at the same time. Modern artificial intelligence tools are many times better than their counterparts from several years ago.

To learn more about how chatbots can help you grow your telecommunications business, book a demo today!

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