July 28, 2022

4 Ways Conversational AI Is Improving the Customer Experience

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Artificial intelligence has drastically changed the way companies manage customer experience. Especially when it comes to customer service. In 2022 alone, a conversational AI chatbot managed 1 out of every 6 customer service interactions.

Good customer service is a key way to improve the customer experience and boost customer engagement. Using a chatbot can not only improve customer service. It can also help you understand customer preferences through built-in integrations.

When you understand your customer, you are better able to meet their needs and enhance their customer experience.

If you want to learn about the 4 main conversational AI benefits, keep reading this blog post to discover more on this topic below.

1. Conversational AI Establishes Natural Automated Conversations With Customers

Chatbots have come a long way in recent years. A chatbot is no longer a static canned answering dispenser. 

Artificial intelligence paired with a chatbot offers a much better customer experience. Using conversational AI allows chatbots to have more organic dialogue.

Traditional chatbots relied on a script of designated input and output responses. These responses were a one-size-fits-all approach. This could often lead to frustration with customers who did not receive the answer they were looking for.

The Role of Conversational AI in Improving the Customer Experience

AI chatbot integrations provide a more open communication form. The customer has more control over the conversation and the chatbot is the facilitator. They open with lead-in questions such as:

  • "What can I help you with today?"
  • "Do you need assistance?"
  • "Do You have any questions?"
  • "Can I help you find something?"
  • "Would you like to track an order?"

When a customer types in a response, your AI chatbot isn't just checking off an automated answer. It's actually reading the response. The chatbot then asks for any follow-up information like:

  • "What is your account number?"
  • "What is your order number?"
  • "What are the last 4 digits of your payment card?"
  • "When was your order placed?"

This is to verify your customer's identity and find more information to answer their questions. They could also type in something like "View my account status" to check on a monthly membership or annual subscription service.

Just like a live agent, in-person or over the phone, your conversational AI chatbot holds a natural conversation. They are able to walk your customers through the process in a way that feels organic. Customers don't feel like they're communicating with a machine.

27% of customers who used a customer service help chat weren't even sure if it was a chatbot or a human person they interacted with. This number will probably increase over time as artificial intelligence continues to grow.

2. Conversational AI Learns From Interactions to Improve the Customer Experience

A conversational AI chatbot doesn't just offer a more natural customer experience through chat, they're also learning from each chat. That's right. Your conversational AI is evolving and adapting to provide a smarter customer experience.

How Does a Conversational AI Chatbot Learn and Adapt?

Your conversational AI chatbot is specially designed to be an all-in-one comprehensive customer service tool. Its sole purpose is to improve customer service and enhance the overall customer experience.

However, if a customer service chat ever does go poorly, your chatbot uses its artificial intelligence to learn from its mistakes. It finds ways to better itself so that future conversations will run even smoother. 

It can utilize feedback and suggestions to pinpoint where it went wrong or what area was misunderstood. Just like any good employee, your chatbot wants to work for you and your customers.

Over time, your conversational AI chatbot is working hard to improve customer service for your business and to be the best that it can be. Now, that is one smart AI system. 

Your chatbot is also able to detect both text and voice input. If it detects a different language being used, the language integrations are able to intuit this to provide a multilingual customer experience. 

Conversational AI can also detect slang words and regional vocabulary. This allows the chatbot to speak to the person on their level, in the lingo they can most easily understand. 

While some may still be hesitant about interacting with a machine, the artificial intelligence of today is becoming more personable. A survey showed that 40% of consumers didn't even care if they were interacting with a human or a chatbot as long as they got the answers to their questions quickly and easily. 

As the conversational AI chatbot continues to learn and grow, the customer experience will also grow right along with it.

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3. Conversational AI Obtains Detailed Customer Information Profiles

The learning process doesn't stop there either. In order to improve customer service, you need to understand your customer first. This includes knowing your customer preferences. 

How Does a Conversational AI Chatbot Understand Your Customer?

Each customer has their own unique profile that contains valuable information you need to enhance the customer experience. Website cookies, analytics, and other data tracking tools show you a detailed view into your customer preferences.

By analyzing the data from previous chatbot interactions along with other data, you can discover:

  • Shopping habits
  • Age demographics
  • Geographic locations
  • Specific interests
  • Spending patterns

When you understand your customer base, you can also find ways to boost customer engagement. If customers buy more from an online retailer when they have a coupon or promotional code, use this to your advantage.

Your chatbot integrations can offer a pop-up coupon code to potential consumers who visit your site. Maybe they've had their eye on something for a while and keep coming back to see if it's on sale. Getting a coupon from the chatbot might be just the push they need to finally make their purchase.

The conversational AI chatbot can also remind them of their past purchases. For household items and snacks, this can be a great way to inform them that they need to stock up again, especially if their data shows a set buying pattern. Certain items may be bought every 2-3 months, while others are more frequent. 

A chatbot can also store information like color or size preferences. If a customer initiated a chatbot session to ask if an item is available in a particular size or color, you can use this data to offer these preferences in the near future, knowing that there has already been a specific interest expressed in them.

Your chatbots can also store customer profiles for future use. This helps to cut down on the need for repeat information. As well as providing vital analytic data for marketing purposes.

A conversational AI chatbot does so much to improve customer service. It gets to the heart of the customer and creates a bridge to a deeper customer experience. 

4. Conversational AI Adapts to Offer Omnichannel Interactions Across Multiple Platforms

Another area that is often overlooked is the availability of the chatbot for omnichannel customer service. A chatbot no longer has to be a website-only fixture.

What Is an Omnichannel Interaction? 

Odds are, your customers probably have a whole wall of apps in their smartphone's background. Everything from shopping to eating, games, streaming, and a host of social media platforms.

Conversational AI takes the chatbot and brings it to all of their favorite messaging apps and social media platforms like:

  • Facebook Messenger
  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp
  • Text Messaging

An omnichannel interaction is the ability to interact with an app across all of these channels seamlessly. This means that your customers will be able to interact with your business in the places they already use the most. A whopping 60% of Millennials already use chatbots to purchase common goods in their everyday lives.

A customer could be scrolling through their Facebook feed and see an ad or a post for your business. If they are interested in finding out more information, they can easily start and chat through the Facebook Messenger integration. If they are using Instagram, the customers can open up a chatbot box right there on Instagram thanks to the chatbot integration.

These integrations allow your business to meet your current and potential consumers on the platforms exactly where they are. This can also help you to boost customer engagement.

A customer who sees that you are willing to provide service and answers on every major platform will see you as a business that cares about its customers. You're making every effort to be as easily accessible as possible. 

You're getting more exposure for your business and offering more possibilities to never stop improving the customer experience. 

Use the Aivo Conversational AI Chatbot System to Improve Your Customer Experience

With so much riding on the customer experience, you want to know that you've done everything you can to improve customer service and boost customer engagement.

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It relates to your customers on a personal level and it provides effortless omnichannel interactions so you can be where your customers are. Aivo understands the importance of the customer experience for businesses.

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