February 15, 2022

How to Automate your Communication Strategy on WhatsApp Business

Aivo | Sell ​​and Interact through WhatsApp Business with Engage

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Communicating with the right people on the right channel, having a conversation and closing the sale: we know the ideal path but sometimes reaching that goal can be a challenge.

In this article you’ll learn how WhatsApp Business Platform, proactive communication techniques and conversational artificial intelligence (AI) can be the unstoppable team for improving sales and customer experience.

The ABCs of an automated strategy on WhatsApp Business Platform

WhatsApp Business Platform, proactive communication and conversational AI work perfectly together, to help companies improve their customer experience, build long-term relationships, and sell more. Let’s see how.

1. Proactive notifications

With WhatsApp Business Platform you can automate customer notifications and alerts with message templates.

Aivo | Whastapp Business with Engage
Aivo | Whatsapp Business with Engage

To guarantee notifications that mean something, the info you provide has to be:

-        Expected: People have to opt in and choose to receive these kinds of messages on WhatsApp.

-        Relevant: Message content should be interesting for the person and have a clear call to action. You have to communicate what it is you want the customer to do with the message they’re getting.

-        Timely: People have only so much time for these notifications. You need to choose the right time so these messages don’t seem intrusive.

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With these features in mind, ask yourself: what’s the purpose of the notification? Do you want to upsell or cross-sell? Do you want to improve post-sales service? Do you want to encourage sign-ups? Do you need to provide information about the status of your service? These questions will help you direct the message content.

Plus, you have to remember there are guidelines when creating templates to make sure they’re approved by WhatsApp.

2. Engage, a tool to connect with global audiences on WhatsApp

It takes a lot of time and effort for the sales and customer service teams to contact individual people. That’s why there are other tools available on the market that streamline part of this process.

In this case, as an example we’re going to talk about Engage, Aivo’s tool to create campaigns and start conversations with global audiences on WhatsApp Business.

Engage lets companies create notification campaigns on WhatsApp and schedule delivery of messages to a contact base. Any team can use it because you don’t need to know how to manage APIs or program code, like with other tools.

The platform is flexible so companies of all sizes and industries can simplify and improve customer service experience on WhatsApp. For example, you can:

●   Communicate a new product or service.

●   Offer service status updates.

●   Streamline collections.

●   Send news to subscribers.

●   Offer a card upgrade.

●   Share news about the costs of a service.

Using Engage can be summed up in 3 steps:

  1. Create the campaing
Aivo | Whastapp Business with Engage
Aivo | Whastapp Business with Engage

Enter the campaign name and number where messages will be sent from, and pick the message template you’ll use. You’ll get a preview to see how your final notification will look.

  1. Upload the audience
Aivo | Whastapp Business with Engage
Aivo | Whastapp Business with Engage

Import a .CSV file with the contact base that will receive the communication.

  1. Launch the notification
Aivo | Whastapp Business with Engage
Aivo | Whastapp Business with Engage

The platform estimates the maximum value of the campaign to be paid based on the amount of numbers in the contact base. Once the campaign is launched, the tool will send the message templates to the numbers listed. If all the messages are successfully sent, the campaign ends.

If there are temporarily unavailable numbers, Engage keeps the campaign active for 24 hours to try sending the message to all lines. After that, the campaign automatically ends.

In both cases, once the campaign is over, the company gets the final amount to be paid, which may be the same as estimated or lower, if some deliveries couldn’t be completed.

The tool also has an analytics section to see each campaign’s performance and to assess its success.

Aivo | Whastapp Business with Engage
Aivo | Whastapp Business with Engage

3. Conversational artificial intelligence for a better experience

You’ve already sent the notifications, what’s next? A company has to be ready to answer all inquiries that come out of the messages sent. One missed inquiry is one missed sales opportunity.

Conversational artificial intelligence helps deal with high demand and gives actual, on-the-spot solutions along the customer journey.

The technology lets the customer interaction on WhatsApp Business be open, unstructured and natural. This is how it complements your Support and Sales team service by offering instant solutions.

Aivo | Whastapp Business with Engage
Aivo | Whastapp Business with Engage

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Improve the conversational experience on WhatsApp Business and increase sales

Engage, conversational artificial intelligence and WhatsApp Business Platform are the partners companies need to automate processes, improve customer experience and sell more throughout the year.

If you’d like to learn more about these technologies and get a quote for your company, contact us.

Are you looking for new ways to improve your CX?

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