September 8, 2022

How to evolve your Customer Experience strategy with Video Conversational AI

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Nowadays, customer experience is a brand's key differentiator. In fact, 90% of consumers use customer service as the deciding factor in choosing which company to do business with.

In this sense, conversational AI has been an ally over the last few years to interact with customers and resolve their queries instantly. 

But its applications have evolved. Can you imagine assisting your customers 24/7 with a hyper-realistic video avatar? And what if that avatar is your customers' favourite celebrity? Introducing Video Conversational AI, Aivo's new solution for more human, empathetic and personalised automated assistance.

Here is all the information you need to know about this launch.

About Aivo Video Conversational AI

Video Conversational AI is the first solution to deliver a premium customer interaction experience using an avatar generated from a real person using artificial intelligence. 

It is a new add-on to Aivo's conversational AI platform that incorporates video into automated interactions. Instead of using a traditional chat window, a humanised AI avatar dialogues with customers in real time and resolves their queries instantly. 

It does this with the same conversational artificial intelligence used by AgentBot, our conversational chat solution. Thanks to this technology, the AI avatar can engage in natural, unstructured conversations, understand the intent behind a question, identify spelling or typing errors, and evaluate possible answers to choose the best one. 

In addition to this, the Video Conversational AI avatar can understand the native languages of Aivo's conversational engine: Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian, French and German. 

This way, customers simply type their question in the chat window and the avatar responds to them by video through artificial intelligence.

This development is done in partnership with Synthesia, a leading company in video content creation using AI. Its mission is to radically change the way audiovisual content is created, eliminating cameras, microphones and recording studios, thus simplifying the process and freeing creativity. 

Benefits of Video Conversational AI

If you already know the scope of conversational AI by text, you probably know that, among other things, it has the ability to provide 24/7 attention in a scalable way, automatically adapt to all channels, learn from user interactions, and engage in natural conversations. 

Video Conversational AI allows you to go one step further and deliver a totally innovative experience. In addition to the above benefits, it also offers the following advantages:

  • Offering a premium customer service experience, combining the closeness and empathy of a conversation with the uniqueness and innovation of a hyper-realistic AI avatar. 
  • Use an avatar representative of the brand, such as the CEO of the company, an agent or executive known to customers, or even a celebrity. This is a great advantage for the company's marketing and branding strategy. 
  • Take the first step towards the metaverse, understanding this concept as the virtual space in which multiple universes of interaction converge. Video Conversational AI opens the doors of this world to companies through a video-based conversation channel.

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Implementation and launch of the channel

Video Conversational AI may seem like a complex and futuristic solution, but implementing this tool is easier than you might think thanks to Aivo's no-code technology. 

As with all our solutions, anyone can add, edit or delete content from the knowledge base, so no programming specialists are required. This streamlines both the implementation process and the process of constantly improving the solution. 

If you want to implement this technology, you only need to consider the following aspects:

  1. Have access to Aivo's conversational platform, as Video Conversational AI works as a channel of AgentBot, available for web and mobile app.
  2. Now for the fun part: creating your AI avatar! You can choose from a variety of available characters or customise it. All you have to do is get the express consent of the chosen person and film a video of just a couple of minutes.

In addition, you can customise the character's background and choose from the available ones or upload a new one, e.g. with a particular setting, the company office or your logo. All this configuration is done with the support of the Aivo team. 

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  1. Once you have AgentBot and your avatar ready, it's time to develop the content. Just like your chatbot or conversational bot, you need to create content based on the needs and expectations of your customers. The better you know them, the more responsive your conversational solution will be. 

However, there are some differences you should keep in mind for the content of your Video Conversational AI avatar. When being played orally, it is important that the content is short, concise and clear. We do not recommend complex sentences, but rather natural orality so that it sounds just like a real person conversing. 

  1. As with AgentBot, you can enrich the content of your avatar by using add-ons such as videos, carousels, buttons, forms or iframes. This way, you can send all kinds of resources in the same chat window and complement your avatar's dialogues.

Video Conversational AI use cases

As we always say, what differentiates a true conversational platform from a simple chatbot is its ability to resolve customer queries and requests on their time and in the channel they prefer. 

For this, it is important to consider the solution's hyper-connectivity capability, so that it can connect to multiple platforms and deliver transactional information automatically. 

Like AgentBot, Video Conversational AI integrates with other tools and solves all kinds of queries. Here are some examples from different industries of the cases it can solve.

E-commerce & Retail 

In case you have an online shop, your avatar can assist customers during and after their purchase. Through a form it can capture leads and refer them to your CRM or email marketing platform. It can also make personalised recommendations based on previous purchases, provide information on the status of a purchase or shipment, and even manage product exchange and return processes. 


Banking and finance

Now imagine you own a bank or financial institution. Video Conversational AI can help your customers by sharing information about their balance, latest transactions, or general aspects of their bank account. It can also activate cards, apply for loans, and assist customers in paying for services. 


Educational institutions

Centennials and millennials prefer automated channels to talking to a live agent. Immediacy is a key aspect for them, so considering their online preferences and behaviours is essential for educational institutions to better connect with younger audiences.

In this sense, universities or schools will be able to use this technology to engage students interested in their courses or careers through forms, automate enrolment and application processes, and provide personalised responses about classes, dates and exams. 


Healthcare institutions

When it comes to healthcare, close and empathetic support is key. By integrating your Video Conversational AI bot with your patient management tool, you can get closer to patients in an automated way than ever before. Among other things, your avatar will be able to manage appointments, provide clinical history or answer queries about medical coverage. 


Do you want to incorporate Video Conversational AI into your strategy? 

This innovative technology is already available for implementation. Become one of the first companies to evolve your customer experience strategy towards new horizons of interaction. 

If you would like to learn more about Video Conversational AI, feel free to book a demo with one of our representatives.

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