July 28, 2022

5 Benefits of Using Chatbots for Customer Experience

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In the digital era, the increasing demand for customer service options is a driving force. Businesses are actively seeking ways to improve the overall customer experience. Your company's ability to provide heightened levels of customer service can make or break your business.

The use of chatbots has greatly improved the accessibility and connectivity of many modern businesses. A record 71% of consumers reported a favorable opinion of using chatbots. Especially, if it would enhance their customer experience. 

If you're interested in learning more about the 5 major benefits of using chatbots to improve your customer experience, this guide can help you. We'll detail how digital chatbots have a positive impact on customer service and business services. Keep reading to discover more below.

1. Chatbots Offer Seamless Omnichannel Interactions and Integrations with Multiple Platforms

Digital chatbots can be implemented for a variety of uses, platforms and channels. From websites to texting and apps like Instagram and Messenger, an AI chatbot can do it all. 

Offering chatbots on a wide array of channels lets you interact with your customers where they are the most comfortable. You're meeting your consumers' needs in the places that are the easiest for them to use. Not just forcing them to adjust to a channel method they're unfamiliar with. 

You can expand your customer service reach by giving your consumers many customer service options. Even more important is the integration of these options for use over multiple platforms.

Your consumers can reach out to your business through traditional text messaging. Or you can offer chatbot options through popular social media apps. 

Also, integrated chatbots let your customer experience unfold across multiple platforms. It gives a seamless use of customer service options no matter where your consumers are. Consumers see your business as one that is willing to interact on their level.

This is a business model that adapts to the changing backdrop of the modern world. Meeting your customers where they are shows that you are a business that cares about their needs. 

In this way, you'll appeal to a wider base of consumer demographics. From Millennials to Baby Boomers and every age group in between, your chatbots are ready to meet the growing customer service demand.

2. Chatbots Facilitate 24/7 Customer Service Assistance

The ability to reach a business after hours and during busy times of the year to find answers is a growing concern. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, many businesses did not have on-site staff to answer phones and emails.

Chatbots helped fill this void by providing answers to frequently asked questions and other common inquiries. Chatbots are able to answer 80% of common questions. Consumers were able to get answers to their questions or resolve issues in a matter of minutes.

An on-site pop-up greets a customer and directs their inquiry. It enhances the customer experience through an easy-to-use conversational platform. With lead-in questions to better address the root of the issue, menu options access a database of information to give the best answer. 

This means your customers will no longer have to waste time on hold when calling your business. They don't have to wait days for a customer service representative to reply to an email.

Getting quicker and easier answers means they will think more highly of your business in the future. 64% of individuals indicated that the 24-hour service of using chatbots is their best feature. 

Chatbots can be used for banking, healthcare, and e-commerce sites. They can inform consumers of their account status, medical appointment information, or the status of an order.

24-hour accessibility streamlines the customer service experience. Giving your consumers more customer service options creates a better customer experience. It is also a cost-effective form of customer service that is always available to help.

3. Chatbots Provide a Higher Customer Service Satisfaction Rate

Customers want to have their voices heard and their needs met. Those who feel heard by a business' customer service representatives will feel more valued overall. The use of digital chatbots can help improve your customer experience.  

Think of your chatbots as an extension of your customer service options. They are out there fielding hundreds to thousands of customer service inquiries each day. A chatbot's ability to provide a fast answer to a consumer will improve their customer service satisfaction with your business.

Customers who have a good customer experience after interacting with a chatbot will be more likely to be repeat customers. They will also spread the word on social media to family and friends about their experiences. Chatbots are vital to keeping your customers satisfied and driving more word-of-mouth referrals. 

The average satisfaction rate of using chatbots is about 87.58%, nearly in the 90th percentile. This is even 2% higher than the average satisfaction rate of a live agent chat. 

In-person or live agents may become easily frustrated with difficult customer service interactions. They may lash out or act rudely to a customer in retaliation. 

Chatbots are able to maintain an evergreen professional customer service attitude level since they are programmed to act friendly toward a customer no matter what. You don't have to worry about a conversation turning bad and resulting in a poor customer experience.

Chatbots can even be trained to detect anger in a customer service interaction and react with empathy. They can use a series of prompts to help de-escalate the situation or transfer them to a human agent if need be.

4. Chatbots Collect Customer Behavior Data Through Detailed Analytics

Each interaction customers have with your chatbots provides valuable information. This gives your business an insight into your customer demographics. It also trains these chatbots to better serve your customer's needs.

The AI technology that fuels chatbots can learn and grow along with customers. It will take data from the conversations that will suggest improvements to the customer service chat process. Frequently used search terms or inquiries can be added to the database.

This means that your chatbots can create a more natural conversation structure. They can also intuit a customer's needs to solve the issue more effectively. Chatbots pinpoint the main reason for a customer's interaction.

The analytic data helps them input a more precise response. Your digital chatbots won't just be offering a vague one-size-fits-all answer. Your customers will be getting real answers, not canned responses. 

You can also use the analytic data to better understand your customers’ preferences and behaviors. After each interaction, you can see a visualization of session data. This allows you to review chats and measure feedback so you can gain further insights for your marketing and customer service strategies.

You can also measure customer satisfaction. A satisfaction score is assigned to each area of the chatbot's questions and answers from customer feedback. This will help you identify the areas that you need to improve.

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Look through unresolved chat data to hone your service. Add new phrasing, vocabulary, and search terms to strengthen future interactions. With chatbots, you have a fully functional AI system that never stops growing. 

5. Chatbots Improve the Customer Experience Through Personalization

Customers want to do business where they are not just a faceless number or a file. They also don't want to interact with a piece of machinery they feel won't truly understand them or their needs.

Your chatbots need to connect with your customers to create a more organic conversation. The best way to do this is through personalization.

Chatbots can access customer profiles to enhance the customer experience. These profiles include data like name, age, account information, and any previous orders. This also helps to streamline the chat process because there is less of a need to repeat information.

Whenever possible, chatbots can address the customer by name. This gives the customer service experience with chatbots an added personal touch. It makes them feel more important and connected to the chat.

Chatbots can adapt to regional terms and slang to make whoever uses the chat more comfortable. Your chatbots can also detect different languages.

They can offer bilingual language options to customers. This ensures that no one is left out of getting the most optimal customer service experience. 

Personalized experiences can help set you apart from the competition. Chatbots are the wave of the future for perfecting the customer service experience. Customers will remember the heightened customer experience they got from your business thanks to chatbots. 

To stay ahead in the modern world today, chatbots are becoming more and more prominent as tools for business services. They are an enriching part of the virtual AI customer experience

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