March 3, 2023

Aivo starts testings to integrate with ChatGPT

Aivo starts testings to integrate with ChatGPT

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Open AI just launched the new API integration with ChatGPT, one of the most promising Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies on the market. So, at Aivo we started the testing process to understand the real impact of ChatGPT’s language integrated into our Conversational Engine with AI.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is today one of the most advanced and popular emerging solutions in the field of AI. This is a new natural language understanding technology that uses Generative AI. This solution was trained with the most relevant information from the Internet, Wikipedia, books, and articles. Given a query, ChatGPT looks for the information that matches the question and provides an automatic personalized response.

With the release of the new API, it is now possible to connect ChatGPT with other applications and products. But, since it is an API, it is necessary to have a technical team for its implementation.

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Aivo and ChatGPT: next steps

At Aivo, we want to help companies offer a solution to their customers in the first interaction. In recent years, we have designed a suite of solutions that includes our own AI Conversational Engine, connection to the main interaction channels, a no-code experience manager for non-technical teams, a learning and analytics tool, a low-code solution to design integrations with any application in a fast and controlled manner, and a platform to send proactive communications on WhatsApp.

Helping the largest companies in the market to automate the relationship with their customers is becoming more and more challenging. For this reason, in 2023 we are focusing on these pillars:

  • Personalize the experience of each client, enabling an open and unique conversation.
  • Give a solution to the need in real time. This requires integrations with all company’s systems.
  • Working with WhatsApp as one of the main conversational channels. In Latin America, 99% of people who have a phone use this messaging application.
  • Prioritize continuous learning, to understand what the customer needs, what to improve, and what are the value metrics in the business.

With this goal in mind, at Aivo we seek that our clients always have the best integrated technology to satisfy all current and future use cases. So, after the announcement of the new ChatGPT API, we began to analyze its integration with our technology to understand its potential scope in improving the customer experience.

“The expectations of the integration with ChatGPT and our AI Conversational Engine is to be able to give our current or future customers the ability to choose which technology to use transparently. The potential impact could be the precision in understanding users' questions”.

Martín Frascaroli | CEO & Founder at Aivo

Security, privacy, ease of use, and scalability are top priorities, both for our customers and for Aivo as a company. Once we can guarantee compliance with the demands and use cases of our current clients, we will communicate the results of this strategic initiative and offer those clients who wish to do so the possibility of using this technology.

If you are interested in the latest news on the integration between Aivo and ChatGPT and want to see first-hand how our Conversational Engine works, schedule a call.

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