September 7, 2022

What Is Video Conversational AI: Uses and Main Benefits in Customer Service

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Did you know that 90% of consumers use customer service as a deciding factor in doing business with a company? 58% of consumers will switch companies due to poor customer service. There's no doubt in anyone's mind that customer service is a crucial aspect of any modern business. 

It's also the best way to distinguish yourself from your competitors—even more so when you use video conversational AI to offer premium customer service to your clients.

Read on to find out more about customer service chatbots. And how you can start using video conversational AI in your business as well. 

What Is Video Conversational AI?

You might already be familiar with chatbots. This is artificial intelligence that's used to emulate real-life conversations so you can automate customer communications. 

For example, your customer might have a question about store hours in a particular location. And instead of searching on your website, they click on the AI chatbot and ask the question there. If the customer isn't satisfied with the automated virtual assistant's answer, they can always ask for a live agent (the human version). 

Well, video conversational AI takes it a step further. It's metaverse incarnate. 

In video conversational AI, these automated conversations happen entirely through a video. A human-like avatar is created using a 15-minute video of a real human.

This AI avatar then can answer questions just like a chatbot would through a semantic engine that can easily replicate human-to-machines conversations. It can even help customers in conducting transactions.  

You don't need to record every single interaction and question-and-answer session. Since the conversations are powered by AI, all you need to do is to record that first 15-minute video, and the rest is done through conversational AI. 

The awesome thing about conversational AI is that it will not give a rigid set of standard answers to customer questions. Instead, it can provide more varied, context-dependent responses. 

If you thought that the future of robots being used everywhere wasn't coming fast enough, get ready because it's here! Or at least this is the beginning of that brilliant future. 

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How Can It Help Improve Customer Service?

If you are a customer service manager, you might be wondering how video conversational AI can assist your live agents. Let's look at some advantages of using conversational AI for customer service.

Give 24/7 Support

The best thing about using video chatbots is that this virtual assistant never gets tired and never rests. It doesn't need to take toilet or lunch breaks. And it doesn't need to sleep at night or take vacations every year. 

Occasionally, there might be software updates or other maintenance that will get done. But besides that, your conversational AI chatbot can function 24/7. This means you can offer customer service 365 days a year, without any breaks for any major holidays. 

Delivers Premium and Empathetic Assistance

Traditional chatbots can sometimes come across as robotic and rigid. But with a video conversational AI chatbot, you have something close to human-to-human interaction. Customer service is all about empathy, and with a video chatbot, you can provide that empathetic assistance. 

Also, since it's quite uncommon nowadays, this is premium customer service that you can offer to your customers. Something that will pique their interest and curiosity. 

Integrates with Multiple Platforms

As with all other chatbots, conversational AI will integrate with multiple platforms. This allows you to serve your customers on whatever platform they prefer. As video conversation becomes more and more common, using a video chatbot will become almost common sense

It Can Use a Celebrity to Assist Customers

This is a big draw of using video conventional AI chatbots. If you have a celebrity that endorses your products, then you could potentially get them to do that 15-minute video and create a video chatbot from that.

Can you imagine? A celebrity assists your customers through video and solves their problems. Your customers will be so excited about it; they might just keep calling customer service to interact with the celebrity video chatbot.

Can Answer FAQs and Conduct Transactions

Again, as with all chatbots, your video conversational AI isn't any different. It can answer frequently asked questions and help your customers conduct transactions. It can also deliver transactional information after security authentication. 

The only difference is that your customers will be able to look at a human face while doing their transactions, which makes it that much more helpful. Everyone is sick and tired of communicating with robotic voices and being isolated due to technology. Video conversational AI can help alleviate some of that loneliness. 

Boost Customer Experience

When you think about customer service, it's stayed pretty much the same for decades now, without much innovation. But with the advent of the internet and all the artificial intelligence technology, it's time that customer service took its first step into the future as well. 

The metaverse is here, as the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, constantly reminds us. And it's time for you to use the metaverse to your advantage. With video conversational AI, you could even have your customers converse with these bots in the metaverse, completing their transactions and answering their questions. 

All of this is to say that the future of using video conversational AI is quite bright, and you would be remiss if you didn't start using it now. 

Improve NPS and ROI

The most important scores for any customer service team are wait times and NPS (net promoter score). With 24/7 chatbot assistance, wait times are almost non-existent. Instantaneously, your customers can be facing a video chatbot and getting their questions answered. 

But more than that, you can add a short one-question survey to the end of every video chatbot interaction and understand how likely is it that your customers will recommend your product, service, or company to other people. It will be harder for them to say no to a survey when their favorite celebrity is asking them to take a few seconds extra to answer it. 

Finally, you can also boost your organization's ROI since better customer service means clients are more likely to stick with you for a long time to come and purchase more items from you. It's easier and cheaper to retain customers than to acquire new ones. So why not keep the loyal customers you have by providing them exceptional celebrity video chatbot service? 

You could also go viral on your social media channels by using a celebrity's voice and face to provide customer service. Who knows, you might end up selling more items because your social media channels blow up due to one influencer mentioning your video chatbot service?

How Can You Get Started with AI Video Chatbots?

Your live agents aren't outdated. They will still be there in the background, answering more complicated questions that your chatbots can't answer and taking care of more difficult transactions. 

But with a video conversational AI, you can give your customers what they want. Customer service 24/7 and with an empathic touch. This means that your customers are more likely to feel heard and understood and less likely to complain or switch to another company. 

When it comes to boosting ROI or increasing sales (and NPS), video conversational AI chatbots are key. Potentially, you could even use them on social media channels in the future. The possibilities are endless. 

And it's easy to get started with them. Aivo gives you the automated omnichannel tools and the live agent on video solutions you need. No matter how many languages you want your chatbot to converse in, you can have it. 

Industries of all kinds are using chatbots already, but video conversational AI chatbots are still new. That doesn't mean that you can't start taking advantage of them right now and become a trailblazer in customer experience with this technology. 

The Future of Customer Service Is Here

Not only does the future of customer service look bright and shiny, but it's also all about video conversational AI. You are just jumping on the bandwagon a bit sooner than everyone else. 

Become a pioneer in your field by trying out video conversational AI today. Find our more about our Video Conversational AI feature.

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