July 22, 2022

How to Use WhatsApp Business With Multiple Users

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The messaging platform WhatsApp now has over two billion users worldwide. While primarily used for personal communication, many companies are realizing how useful it can be as a business tool. But is your organization using it to its fullest?

If not then, then you should consider this powerful tool. Read on as we give our essential guide on why you must use WhatsApp Business to improve customer service. 

Can You Use WhatsApp Business on Multiple Devices?

One of the strengths of WhatsApp for business is that it can work on multiple devices. Four devices and a mobile phone can link to the same account. However, this is only available when you open a designated business account. 

This feature is great for small businesses. Larger ones may find it becomes restrictive as your company grows and you need more customer service representatives. WhatsApp Business does also not support the following features when working with multiple users:

  • Viewing live locations
  • Deleting chats when using an iPhone is the main device
  • Creating broadcast lists

How to Use WhatsApp Business With Multiple Users

WhatsApp Business was originally intended for small-scale use and businesses that have limited messages incoming. However, its popularity soon outgrew its limitations. 

When you need more than one user, one person can access it via a mobile phone and the other via WhatsApp web. You can assign people to deal with tasks through the web, but for the customer, it will seem as if they are dealing with one person. If you want more functionality, then you need to use a WhatsApp Business API.

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How to Set Up WhatsApp Business for Multiple Users

WhatsApp Business is very easy to set up, though slightly different depending on your device. Below are the directions for setting it up using the app on Android devices. 

Start by going to the WhatsApp Business app. You can search for this on the Google store.

Once you have downloaded it and logged in, there will be an icon in the top corner with three vertical dots. Choose this and press the linked devices option. 

You can then press to join the multi-device beta. Another click will let you join the beta program. 

Setting up on iPhone

Setting up WhatsApp Business on an iPhone works slightly differently. Go to WhatsApp settings once you have downloaded the application, then similarly follow the instructions above to the Android device setup. Make sure you have updated to the latest version and added any patches.

Adding Extra Devices

Once this is done, you can set up your linked devices. Tap on linked devices in the "more options" setting on Android, or hit the settings option on iPhone. You will get a QR code that you need to scan with your other devices to link up with them.

What Is the Advantage of WhatsApp for Business?

WhatsApp Business has some great advantages. Below are the four main reasons you may want to consider it. 

Business Details

When you have a business account, the information you can have on your profile improves. You can add business information, such as your opening hours, address, and website links. 


The service has several statistics to let you gather insight into your business. It can list the number of messages sent and delivered, or even how many have been read. This lets you check how well the channel is being used and received.

WhatsApp for Customer Service

The main benefit is that you can make huge improvements to your customer service procedures. It has several features that can assist you in doing so. 

Quick replies let you set up shortcuts and pre-written answers to frequently asked questions. This saves time on repetitive tasks. It also delivers solutions to your customers much quicker. 

There are several template types you can utilize. As well as text-only messages, like delivery notifications and statements, you can use media-rich ones. These could include videos, boarding passes, or electronic receipts. 

A label feature also lets you categorize any messages or specific users. You can use the labels provided by WhatsApp or create your own. Messages can also be sorted by how urgently they need resolution or replies. 

Finally, you can set up automated replies when you are away. This ensures customers don't feel that they are forgotten.

All this can be further enhanced by using an artificial intelligence chatbot connected to WhatsApp. With this tool, you will not only be able to serve your customers 24/7 and immediately, but you will also be able to establish complete conversations automatically without the intervention of human agents.

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This will help you boost the efficiency of your agents, as well as provide resolutive, personalized and instant attention to your customers.

Creating a Catalog

The platform provides you with a catalog feature, which is ideal if you have multiple products to display. Your customers can then search through your inventory within the confines of the app. It can bring attention to new lines, sales items, or seasonal products. 

Your catalog can house a maximum of 500 products. You can add images, titles, prices, descriptions, and links to the website. 

Communication With Colleagues

With emails becoming far too frequent and often ignored, WhatsApp is a great way to stay in touch with employees and colleagues. You can talk to 256 people and send files over the channel up to sizes of 100Mb.  

What Is WhatsApp Business API?

WhatsApp Business API allows you to integrate WhatsApp with Customer Relationship Management software (CRM). This can be a huge benefit to your customer service procedures and lets you go beyond the limited number of users offered by the standard WhatsApp Business platform. 

When installed, the API can let your whole team view messages and reply to them. Cards for leads can be created and saved on the system. For follow-ups, individual notifications can be given to team members. 

The WhatsApp API does not have its own user interface. Instead, you need a customer service platform to do this for you. This is where Aivo can help your business grow

Frequently Asked Questions on WhatsApp Business

While simple to use, WhatsApp Business can be confusing to start. Below are the most frequently asked questions. 

Can I Use WhatsApp on More Than Two Phones?

While you can have a multi-user login for your WhatsApp campaign, you can't add more than one phone. You will have to add a different type of device.

How Do I Set Auto-Replies on WhatsApp Business?

If you are not around to deal with replies, then an auto-reply function can let customers know you will get back to them as soon as possible. Luckily, you can set them up on WhatsApp Business with little effort. 

Click the three dots in the top right corner. Go to the business settings and you should see an option for an away message. Click on the send away message and flick the option to the on position. 

Input your message then click OK. You can then set it permanently, for certain hours or custom days such as weekends. After this, you will even have the option to only send it to certain users and address books. 

How Much Does WhatsApp Business Cost?

WhatsApp Business is free to use. However, if you want to upgrade to a WhatsApp Business API, then each service provider will have different pricing plans. They will pay for WhatsApp from this, so you don't have to. 

At Aivo we offer a variety of plans that adapt to the different needs of each business. You can learn about the options and choose the right one for you here.

Numerous customization options are also on offer for larger businesses, though these require individual quotes. If you are unsure, then sign up for a 30-day free trial

Can I Choose Content Types in WhatsApp for Business?

The business version of WhatsApp has a range of content options. This lets you share information with customers in a variety of ways. These include:

  • Links
  • Images
  • Documents
  • Locations
  • Audio
  • Video
  • CTA buttons
  • Quick reply buttons
  • Lists

For increased functionality, you would need to invest in a specific API. When linked to your marketing goals, you can get a very successful WhatsApp campaign running. 

Growing WhatsApp for Customer Service

Now you know the advantages of WhatsApp for customer service and more, think about if it would benefit your company. If you are a small business, you can start with the free program and then consider API integration as you grow. The improvements to communication channels are sure to improve customer retention and brand awareness. 

Aivo should be your first stop for a WhatsApp API solution. We utilize AI to reduce your workload and improve customer satisfaction. Book a demo with one of our representatives to find out how conversational AI can help your business.

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