April 7, 2022

AI Chatbots for Improved Student Services

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As we begin to come out of the pandemic that took over the world in that same year, you’re likely thinking of how you can make the educational experience better for your students. From admissions to student services, you probably want to bolster communication while also providing students at your school with great student life and experiences. 

If you don’t know how to get started, this can be stressful. Fortunately, chatbots and artificial intelligence can help you. 

Enrollment and Admissions

As you may already know, one of the most common ways you can use artificial intelligence and chatbots is to improve your enrollment efforts. There are many AI options that can make it easier for you to recruit students, using algorithms that sort admissions by: 

  • Students who are more likely to end up accepted
  • Students who are more likely to enroll when accepted 

Chatbots and AI can also improve your overall process. Many of the administrative activities that used to take a long time can now be automated. These might include activities such as course registration, student housing selection, and visa processes. 

In addition, AI can help you to address the “summer melt.” Good education AI solutions can identify which students might not end up enrolling even though they’ve paid their deposit. As a result, you can come up with strategies to bring up enrollment during the fall.

Event Promotions

Imagine that you’re putting together an event at your university. For example, say you’re having a panel of experts coming to discuss climate change. Some students, such as those studying biology, politics, and environmental studies, might be interested in attending. 

In the past, you probably sent out invitations to all students via email or asked faculty members to promote the event. You might have even placed posters in buildings where students often spend time, like the library and the student unions. 

However, education AI can make this promotion effort even more effective. Artificial intelligence can use algorithms to invite students who are likely to attend and remind registrants about the event as the date approaches. Chatbots can even ping students who might not seem interested at first, but that could be a potential audience based on previous interactions with your university website or bot.

Class Scheduling

Another way you can use artificial intelligence is to simplify the class scheduling process. Although many universities have scheduling systems, they don’t factor in high demand and manual processes. As a result, you can end up in a situation where you’ve created double-bookings.

 On the other hand, when you use artificial intelligence, it’s possible to schedule classes in mere seconds. This is because AI technology is capable of connecting to every student’s calendar automatically. As a result, you won’t have any scheduling conflicts.

Room Changes

In the past, if a room for a class had to be changed, there were limited ways you could let students know. This information would be posted on the door of the classroom itself and the professor might email an announcement to the students or put a post up in the class forum. 

However, even with these methods in place, it could be easy for students to miss the message. This could lead to tardiness, absences, and class having to start late. With university chatbots, you can more easily get in touch with students regarding room changes. 

If the student has the virtual chatbot set up, it can pop up and let them know about the change the second they’re online. As a result, they’ll get the information they need and head to the new classroom without any logistical issues. 

Grade Posting & Announcements

Up to this date, letting students know their grades normally involved them constantly checking the university’s online platform to see if grades came up or visiting the teacher’s office multiple times. With artificial intelligence technology, professors and universities can now use chatbots and automated messaging campaigns to easily send the student their grades and feedback. 

If they don’t see their grades posted yet, they can also interact with a chatbot to ask about availability instead of having to ask the professor a dozen times. 

As a result, students are less frustrated and professors can speed up this process allowing for deeper feedback when it’s needed.

Student Services

A powerful way in which a digital chatbot can benefit colleges is by automating some student services. Chatbots can operate on a 24/7 schedule, therefore If a student needs information quickly, they can communicate with a chatbot even if the student services desk is closed. 

Additionally, it allows education institutions to streamline many of the common questions students have, allowing college faculty to focus on more complex questions that require human interaction. 

Moreover, new generations are expecting education institutions to have contact channels beyond email and internal communication systems. Chatbots allow you to chat with students over SMS, WhatsApp, Twitter,Facebook, and your website in one single platform. 

Spaced Interval Learning

Spaced interval learning is not new, but it can be heavily enhanced by chatbots and artificial intelligence. A chatbot can interact with students after each lesson, providing them with small sized reminders that allow them to move what they’ve just learned from short term memory to long term.

As a result, most students will be able to retain more information and in turn the professor will have more time to focus on answering relevant questions about that topic.

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