December 14, 2022

Macarena Consulting: Aivo’s key ally in CX

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Macarena Consulting is a young company in charge of developing digital customer service solutions based on artificial intelligence. Aiming to serve, understand and anticipate the decisions of its clients' customers, this B2B company formed an alliance with Aivo that earned it a success story and the Outstanding Partner award at the Aivo Awards 2022.

Gabriel Olivarec, Manager of Alliances and Partners at Aivo, spoke with Maria Elisa Alvarez, co-founder of Macarena and director of the company, about the partnership, learnings from 2022 and main challenges in CX of the companies.

Strategic alliance based on artificial intelligence

What is Macarena and how was it born?

Macarena is a team with a passion for customer service. It is a technology consultant, we develop platforms based on artificial intelligence, we support companies in digital transformation. 

Olga Berrio (who is my colleague) and I come from the corporate area. Our whole life was in the corporate area, so we specifically understand and know transversally the operation of large businesses. We come from an experience of transforming a company from zero to reaching 2 million clients in three months. One of the things we saw at that time was how we could do this, how we could manage to raise a project from zero to 2 million customers in two months if we did not have key partners at that time. Especially key partners based on artificial intelligence, which will help us to quickly understand what the market was asking for, to understand our customer. So that's where we went out, we saw each other and said "look, let's help other companies with the experience we have". And from there Macarena Consulting was born.  

Talking about the fact that you went out to look for these artificial intelligence alliances, what were you looking for and how did you come to Aivo? What was the value you saw in our solution?

Our main client, one of the main telcos in Venezuela, asked us to migrate a platform they were working with almost overnight. We had already been evaluating the possibility of having a partner that offered this type of solution and Aivo had always been the one we wanted to talk to. 

It was something very fast, but above all I can tell you that there are three key things. First, the issue of being leaders in artificial intelligence, we had to look for the best in artificial intelligence, we were clear about that. And we had to be flexible in order to meet the needs of our customers. Our customers, especially in Venezuela, which is my market, are customers who request a lot, they want a lot, so they had to be flexible in everything we propose and we put on the table to you Aivo. And above all, to provide the service, you have provided the service, you have worked with us 24/7. I can confirm this, you have been that partner who has embraced us and said "let's work", "let's develop this platform". You know very well, we were able to migrate to a platform in less than twenty days. 

Today, we answer 4,000 responses a day, only 10% of them go directly to a consultant. It has been a great success for our client, which is also part of you, your clients. They are delighted, they tell us "wow, this was the best solution, much better than what we had before". It has been wonderful what we have achieved.       

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Cross-functional work, Macarena's added value

Since you talked about this client we have in common, so far, how has the experience of working together been? Getting a little bit more into this project, how do you see it in the future as a success story?

First let's talk about this success story because I think this is key. I think that one of the important things that Macarena has is that we get into the operation transversally and that is why it was successful. We already had this information gathered. Aivo and Macarena not only sell a technological solution, but we are involved in a transversal way. And it is not only Macarena, it is a joint work of the two companies. I think that was the success. 

I think that for this client, the main thing is that it has known its market. Now this company is strategically developing what it really needs to be able to meet the needs of its customers and be ahead of them. I think that's the key thing, which is what's coming now for this customer that has been a success story for both of us. 

And you know, one thing that's also important is the issue of teams. These platforms have empowered the teams. Why? Because it's given them data. And this is a nationwide company and the data comes segmented at the national level. I think that is the most important thing, it has given them strength. In the big call centers you do not have information, the teams themselves are exhausted from talking and end up fighting with the client. Not here, here you take away the hard work of fighting, because everything is answered by this great platform, coherently. Those teams are now analysts, they now turn around and give the same strategies to their supervisors "Look what Caracas is saying" and the supervisor already knows and says "wow, let's turn it over to our manager". And from there, from the base is where these new strategies come from. That's the beauty of it all.  

I would like to talk about why Macarena is an ally for the client. What makes Macarena this magnet for these types of organizations? What is the added value you see in Macarena? 

Macarena does not sell a solution. I don't sell you a solution and that's it. Macarena gets into the operation transversally, we work from end to end with all the leaders of each of the areas. We raise all those pain points for our clients. And what do we do? We help them organize their internal processes. That's the beauty of Macarena. 

It's a complete transformation of a company, it's not only the digital transformation of the company, it's also a transformation of mindset. We help our clients understand their customers. Because it's one thing to get that data, but how do you understand that data? We, as a strategic team, teach them how to understand that data, and that's why I work directly with the marketing department. We first make our clients understand this new digital transformation, and to understand how to talk to the company as a conversation. So it's all a cross-cutting, comprehensive job. That's the value that Macarena gives you. 

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The Future of Customer Experience: Consistency

Looking into the future, how do you envision in 2023/2024 the changes in the communication between people and companies? And what are the challenges you see that these types of clients who want to do a project of this magnitude will face?  

I think the pandemic is what accelerated everything. Undoubtedly, when I connect or write to a brand, I don't want information. Consumers today want solutions, they want clear answers. But also, consumers today want to communicate through any channel. So, companies have to be consistent in the content that will go to the customer but at the same time they also have to be open through any communication channel. The latest USA Today study says that WhatsApp grew 370% since last year. There you realize that these communication channels are going to grow and new communication channels are going to emerge that companies must be aware of and must have them within their customer-facing communication portfolio. 

One very important thing is that you can have all the communication channels open to the customer, but if you don't speak coherently, you are in the same thing. It has to be a big knowledge base that is coherent, that you can find it through all channels in the same way, that the customer can have through any channel the information, and the same information. 

I believe that companies have to understand what are the best channels to communicate with their market and speak coherently. They have to understand the customer. Companies have to understand that technology does not take their place, that technology will help them to be much more profitable, efficient, and dynamic. 

As for Macarena, what is coming for 2023/2024? 

I believe that we will continue to grow with Aivo hand in hand. 

Venezuela is a market that comes from very complicated situations, a virgin market. I say it, there are many companies that offer solutions, but not solutions like Aivo offered to Macarena. So I think it is key. We know the business from end to end, that is the value of hiring us. You are that great platform of cutting-edge technology based on artificial intelligence. So I think we have made a fantastic duo. And well, we are putting everything to make 2023 a great year for us and continue growing with you, that's the main thing. 

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