December 1, 2021

A global strategy: Meet Cemex's multilingual and international bot

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A key aspect to take into account when implementing a bot is that it should serve all customer segments, especially if they are in different countries or speak different languages.

Cemex, a multinational Mexican company dedicated to the construction industry, has taken this into account to implement its bot not only in Mexico but also in multiple countries and multiple languages. For this reason, it has been recognized at Aivo Awards 2021 in the Featured Global Expansion category.

Martín Frascaroli, CEO of Aivo, spoke with Montserrat Tijerina, Cemex's Adoption Advisor, to get to know Olivia, the company's multilingual and international conversational bot.

An expansion strategy

What was Cemex's innovation strategy?

Something that has helped us stand out in the market and that has directed our innovation strategy is that for Cemex one of the priorities is to be a customer-focused company, and that is why we constantly listen to customers through their feedback and we work on initiatives that improve the experience. This year we strengthened our digital communication channels due to situations such as COVID-19 that changed the way we interacted with our customers. This has led us to look for alternatives to strengthen the relationship.

In how many countries is the bot in and in what languages?

We currently have different bots on different platforms in Mexico, Spain, Colombia, the United States, the Philippines and the United Kingdom, for all customer segments and all products on the market.

In terms of languages, we currently have it in English and Spanish but we are working to launch it soon in French, German, Arabic and Hebrew.

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How did you manage to be in so many countries, what was it like to design that strategy?

The strategy was analyzed according to the size of the market, growth opportunity, adoption targets of our online stores, and it was closely aligned with our global and local business strategy.

First we started in the United States and later we moved to Mexico, Colombia and the rest of the countries. The most recent is the United Kingdom.

Is there a collaboration with local offices for content creation?

Yes, it is super important for us that the countries also participate in this initiative, we do it together since they are the ones who know their clients best. A customer in the Philippines is different from a client in Colombia, so for us it is very important that, in addition to a global strategy, it is also done together with each office so that they help us locate the bot according to the needs of their country .

Understand and meet customer needs

What does each bot do?

We started with the Cemex Go bot that has more than 60 frequently asked questions in its database and supports customers with questions related to the platform. For example, how to place an order, how to download an invoice, where to check the balance, among others.

And if the bot cannot answer the question it is transferred to an agent, who is available during business hours. In case it is outside business hours, the bot sends a form to the customers and then the agent contacts them to answer their questions.

In Mexico we have also been working on WhatsApp to provide customer assistante and the idea is that more things can be done in the future in addition to just answering questions.

Do you think that this type of initiative is a differential value for the client?

Yes, definitely. This type of customer service and the channels that we are offering is extremely important, both for customers to receive support and have a better experience using these platforms, as well as for us to know what their needs are and tackle them.

What are the next steps and how will the strategy evolve?

Some of our next steps are to deploy the bot in more countries in Europe and South America. Another next step is to integrate the bot with other platforms, such as our CRM, which is Genesys, and with other online stores for smaller and retail customer segments. In other words, we plan to not only focus on Cemex Go but on other initiatives and available online stores.

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What advice would you give to make customers happy?

The most important thing is to listen to their needs in a timely manner, as well as to offer them channels and options to receive feedback, embedded in the platforms we have so that it is immediate and relevant, and thus based on that to be able to act on this feedback and widely communicate the actions taken.

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