November 26, 2021

The five keys of VASS in digital transformation

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Joint and collaborative work is something we really value at Aivo, always looking to work with other companies that add value to our clients. For this reason, we have a vast ecosystem of partners including VASS, a company that stands out for helping other companies achieve digital transformation.

Very proud of the joint work carried out this year, we have selected VASS in the Aivo Awards 2021 edition in the Featured Partner category. Martín Frascaroli, CEO at Aivo, spoke with Leonardo Rojas, Commercial Director at VASS, about his vision of digital transformation.

Challenges and opportunities of digital transformation

We both work together on various implementations that are related to customer service, transforming the way companies interact with customers. How do you see the market and how does VASS get involved? What are your priorities?

The issue of the pandemic undoubtedly continues to give something to talk about and clearly drove some companies in the digitization process. Anyone who did not get on some line of digital transformation is practically staying left behind.

In addition to facilitating access to technology, at VASS we drive five impacts:

  • One is Customer Anywhere, and it is about an omnichannel interaction with the user. It is basically an experience where and when the customer wants it, and detecting what the customer does in each channel.
  • Then we have Context and Cognitive, which is hyper personalizing the offer, contextualizing the information and using cognitive processes that allow us to reach a better and more familiar interaction with customers.
  • The third impact is all about data, it is where we or the client puts data in the center. In some cases, we do not speak of customer-centric but of data-centric.
  • Another is Elastic Enterprise, which is to give companies the tools to grow.

  • And finally Outstanding People, which is a line where we understand that none of all this technology, no matter how robotized and no matter how much artificial intelligence we have, is possible without a human. People, collaborators, and consultants are the ones who set up and enable systems to make people's lives easier.

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Thinking about that, you usually work with large companies and have seen many companies fail and get it right in the way of implementing and tackling projects. If you had to name mistakes and successes, what could they be?

There are a number of variables and it depends a lot on the clients, on each sector. But the first thing is to focus on the data, the customer and the data, the information structure, the digital architectures, the back-to-cloud, everything has to have a data-centric strategy.

Referring to learnings and improvements, it has to do when companies try to tackle projects of very large magnitudes without getting to the detail of the KPIs and start the digital transformation simply because it is fashionable or the competition is doing it. It is not about something to have, we must not forget to measure what is done and that transformation has to have a return on investment.

When too large projects are tackled, they tend to fall short without reaching their goal.

Many clients believe that they can do it all alone and I really like working with partners who add value, especially VASS who has technical knowledge, it can integrate and solve the client's problem. What do you think are those values ​​that add to the process?

There is a theme that may sound repetitive but we never lose simplicity. We always try to make the complex simple. In the ecosystem of partners that VASS has, we cover the entire chain and our success is understanding the customer, what they are looking for, and what is the solution that best suits their needs. There are always two keys that you have to know how to balance and that is to play the short and the long, because not necessarily what is good for the short term is good for the long term and vice versa.

It is understanding what they are looking for, how they do it today, and what their next path is. It is not about selling but about discussing what they are looking for tomorrow and in a year.

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How do you see the future, what comes next?

I believe that we see an interaction with the customer that companies should try to make as real as possible, generate a truly rewarding experience, a multi-moment and omnichannel interaction, where, when and how the customer needs it.

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