September 22, 2022

What are automated conversational journeys?

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The ability to provide immediate answers through chatbots is now within the reach of almost every brand. With the recent technological improvement of the chatbot industry, it's hard to find companies that aren't betting on them, and for good reason: A recent study showed that 69% of consumers prefer to use chatbots because of the speed at which they can communicate with a brand. 

But immediacy is not the only determining factor for customers. In addition to seeking time-efficient experiences, users are increasingly prioritizing the overall customer service experience. Personalisation, problem resolution and overall understanding of natural conversations are key. Automated conversational journeys are here to take that step: tailoring the customer service experience with the specific needs of each individual in mind.

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Truly personalized conversations

Automated conversational journeys focus on creating non-predetermined paths that guide customers to an immediate solution. Why do we talk about "non-predetermined paths"? Primarily, because the key to these journeys is that no two are the same: each step is determined by the individual customer's case. The experience is flexible and empathetic, adapting and learning from each user with whom the platform interacts.

Automated conversational journeys put the focus on the user. The foundation of these journeys is based on the premise that each user is a unique person, unlike any other. As such, each person will need to go through a unique experience, unlike any other, to resolve their particular query or requirement.

Personalisation of the experience is a determining point for users. Experience tells us that automated responses are not very competent if they are not truly responsive. Automated conversational journeys offer users the possibility to have a natural and fluent conversation, to be interpreted even if they use sentences containing regionalisms or grammatical errors, and to receive immediate personalized solutions.

Automated conversational journeys can be simple or complex, they are tailored to provide an omnichannel experience, and evolve with each interaction. Let's take a deeper look at what we mean by these points.

Hyperconnectivity: Resolutive conversations tailored to each individual customer

It will be of little use to have a chatbot with immediate responses if they do not meet two fundamental requirements for users:

  • They must be available on the same platform or channel on which the customer makes their queries.
  • Be truly responsive, offering the customer an instant and personalized solution.

The same experience on different channels

If there is one characteristic of digital users, it is undoubtedly the heterogeneity of the platforms on which they can be found. The truth is that almost no brand has all its customers, whether real or potential, concentrated on a single platform. Internet users are used to surfing on different sites and have a presence on an endless number of websites, social networks and applications that they may prefer as a means of communication.

Therefore, it is important for brands to deliver consistent and seamless experiences. Automated conversational journeys work seamlessly across platforms. Conversational AI platforms adapt their responses automatically according to the text or voice channel in which the user has made their query.

Automated conversational journeys are equally efficient regardless of whether they are initiated on WhatsApp, the web or Instagram. Conversational chatbots that operate through automated conversational journeys are able to deliver the same customer service experience regardless of the channel.

Transactional and resolutive information

When it comes to automated conversational journeys, it's all about responsive answers. Aivo Suite is an all-in-one platform that can integrate with multiple third-party tools to deliver customized solutions. Integrations make the difference between a chatbot that only offers automated responses and a conversational AI platform that gives the customer exactly what they are looking for.

Aivo Suite can connect with your company's technology stack to centralize the customer experience and deliver seamless, personalized conversational journeys.

Let's look at this example where a bank user wants to know his account balance:

If a banking user wants to know their account balance, a chatbot might reply that to verify that information they should go to the bank's app - account - available balance, while a Conversational AI platform integrated with the bank's software will be able to answer the customer exactly what their account balance is. The latter response will have resolved the query automatically and in a personalized way, offering the customer a much more enjoyable experience.

Conversational AI: Error-proof natural interactions

Conversational AI is at the heart of automated conversational journeys. In short, it creates natural and efficient interactions by interpreting the intentions of each query at a semantic level. This is how it creates personalized solutions and manages unique paths for each user.

Conversational AI uses different layers to have open conversations with users. The most important capabilities of Aivo's conversational semantic engine are:

  • Identifies typos and misspellings, removes unnecessary characters, and corrects sentences at a deep semantic level when necessary.
  • It identifies message intent and relevance beyond the written text.
  • Has short-term memory that connects one question to the previous one to ensure that the client receives the information he/she is looking for.
  • Evaluates possible answers and selects the best one.
  • Can adapt to multiple languages, including Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian, German, French and others.
  • It understands regionalisms, slang, emojis and voice notes for human-like conversations.

Conversational AI is the secret of automated conversational journeys to deliver experiences that delight customers from the first interaction.

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Learning and analytics: Getting better with every interaction

The benefits of automated conversational journeys don't end there: Conversational AI evolves with use and learns as it interacts with users. In other words, over time, all automated conversational journeys become increasingly intelligent and efficient.

How does this happen? Through Aivo's advanced analytics dashboard, which allows you to:

  • Generate detailed reports on the performance of each interaction
  • Measure the impact of solutions in real time
  • Measure user satisfaction
  • Use feedback to identify potential bugs or areas for improvement

Analytics are essential for improvement: only through the valuable information they provide can increasingly efficient and responsive conversational experiences be created. 

In addition, Aivo's advanced analytics dashboard provides specific insights into user behavior. These are especially useful for creating new future strategies and improving the overall customer experience.

Natural conversations create real connections with users

The value of automated conversational journeys lies in the ability to connect with users on a deeper level. Brands that manage to be decisive, efficient and empathetic are those that endure over time and create a loyal customer base. 

With Aivo Suite we propose to create customized journeys for every need in order to offer a remarkable customer experience, truly responsive and focused on the user's needs.

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