September 29, 2021

WhatsApp Business: customer service’s powerful ally

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WhatsApp is one of the most important instant messaging platforms in the world. More than 2 billion users around the globe interact with their colleagues, families, and even their favorite brands through this app. 

In fact, more people choose this channel because it allows for a greater sense of proximity than other platforms, and because it gives the user a feeling of control over interactions and purchasing decisions. It's personal and efficient, but not as invasive as phone calls can be. 

3 reasons to automate WhatsApp Business

If you’re considering implementing WhatsApp as a customer service channel, or if you already have it and want to get the most out of it, we’ll tell you why it can be a powerful ally for your company and how to achieve better results. 

1. A good omnichannel strategy will always get you ahead

Imagine your physical store could have thousands of branches conveniently located close to all your users. It sounds great, right? Messaging channels do something very similar: they get you exactly where your customers are. Integrating different communication channels into your strategy is essential for connecting with your clients in a natural and empathetic way. 

2. It's an excellent channel for sending personalized content

WhatsApp Business is ideal for sending proactive messages and notifications that people opt in to receive. You can share personalized content automatically to increase interest and grab potential customers’ attention. You can also communicate with your current customers by informing them of their order status, delivery dates, or by sending them reminders. 

3. Your customers love it!

 There’s no better reason than that: everyone uses WhatsApp. Users are familiar with this channel and feel comfortable using it. It's also unlikely that your customers will ignore a message you send through this platform, so the open rate may be higher than in other channels. 

Why do it with Aivo? 

As a Business Solutions Provider, we integrate our technology with WhatsApp Business API directly. What does that mean? We help companies connect with their customers through WhatsApp directly, without intermediaries, saving time and resources and gaining flexibility. 

Our goal is for companies to serve their customers 24/7 with Conversational Artificial Intelligence, and by integrating different service channels, to get the most out of all their advantages: 

1. WhatsApp + Conversational AI: a winning formula

 We use different AI technologies to understand customer intent. It doesn't matter if they write with errors or informal language, if they send voice messages or emojis. Conversational AI guarantees effective communication without making you sound like a robot. 

2. Decongest phone traffic 

Our solution allows for transferring phone calls from the central IVR to WhatsApp, reducing the number of queries in the call center. You can also transfer a session from WhatsApp to an agent to solve those queries that need human intervention. 

3. Suggestions based on geolocation 

The chatbot can receive the user's location and make specific recommendations, such as telling them which store is the closest or which ATMs are available in their location.

4. Do it without a single line of code

 Our platform is simple, intuitive, and 100% code free! You can design the experience in a few clicks, without the need for a technical team to set up and update the bot. 

Banco Bolivariano resolves its customers' queries through WhatsApp 

One of our most successful cases is that of Banco Bolivariano and its chatbot, Avi24, which interacts with customers through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and its website. 

The Conversational AI solution lets customers resolve their queries about balances and movements and complete bank transactions through WhatsApp Business, on their own, anytime, anywhere. 

"Implementing WhatsApp has been really amazing, reaching more than 250,000 queries in less than 2 months.”

Kyra Arcia Marcano - Innovation and Marketing Manager at Banco Bolivariano

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The importance of automating service in WhatsApp Business

Being able to provide answers instantly is key for modern and effective interactions, always through natural, open, and modern conversations. And if customers already love WhatsApp, why not answer their questions there? 

If you’re interested in learning more about our solution, please contact us.

Are you looking for new ways to improve your CX?

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