November 23, 2021

Empathy and omnichannel experience: this is how Banorte puts its customer first

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Banorte, one of the most important financial entities in Mexico, provides omnichannel, immediate and 24/7 assistance to transactional procedures such as proof of live, payment dates, or documentation request.

But what mainly differentiates their support strategy is their empathy for understanding their customers and putting them in the center, providing attention anytime and anywhere through their conversational bot.

Martín Frascaroli, CEO at Aivo, talks with Julián Abascal (General Director of Pensiones Banorte), Andrés Gallegos Garza (Deputy Director of Customer Service Pensiones Banorte) and Iván Miguel Aguirrre (Director of Analysis and Alternative Channels of Pensiones Banorte) to discuss their CX strategy.

A strategy tailored to their client

Martín Frascaroli: I am fascinated by this case because what you did was listen to your customer who is in the digital world and adapt to them. What were the key points of your support strategy this year?

Julián Abascal: We have two types of customers: one who had an accident in their working environment, who perhaps does not have the mobility or the fortune to do things personally, and another one who reached retirement and has the right to a pension. We started drafting our strategy by seeing how we made it easier for the customer and our executive to assist in a faster way.

Later, we thought about security. We got into biometrics, we were the first to authenticate by voice signature. The only thing this pandemic did was support what we had been doing, add more gadgets to a job we had been doing and allow us to serve our client better than anyone else. Our client does not have to move out of their house. If the client is disabled or terminally ill, imagine making him go to do a procedure!

Our job was to put ourselves in the customer's shoes, because offering a product that could not be differentiated, we had to stand out with our service and customer care. We opened support channels to them everywhere, on WhatsApp, website, phone, office, with an executive. So ... what did we do? Attend our customers according to their needs.

And we detected that our client is usually supported by someone young, and that young person doesn’t want to communicate by phone, doesn’t want to stand in line, doesn’t want to go to an office. So we give them the facility to self-serve wherever they want. There are also people who want to go to the office, especially older people. So what we did was put ourselves in the client's shoes and how to make their life easier.

The strategy for 2021/2022 is to keep doing something simple, something that our customers need, to be the best possible option.

I believe that the differential is not being digital, but being empathetic and putting the customer at the center. Digital is a resource. What you did was identify that the customer had a certain type of behavior, that they did not want to waste time, and you solved it.

Iván Miguel Aguirre: Something very important in this digitization process is to deliver what you offer, so if we tell you that your case will be resolved in five days, you have to do it in five days. That generates the trust for them to go to channels that will be much easier for them. If we can make those services consistent and keep our word, customers will migrate to these types of services.

You work with a very particular client, I imagine that at the beginning you had to build that trust. Did you have initial frictions?

Andrés Gallegos: Yes, of course, at the beginning it is a change of chip. But when customers use an alternate channel and realize that it was very simple and that it did work, they change the chip and feel protected and well cared for. That is the key: that when the client goes to any channel the experience is fulfilled, transparent and works the first time.

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Omnichannel and transactionality

On what channels is the bot available and what transactional queries does it resolve?

Andrés Gallegos: The channels in which we are available are the contact center, the pension app, WhatsApp, website, email and offices.

And the transactional procedures that we are implementing or have already been implemented are the primary ones for both the company and the client, such as proof of life, document requests, pension clarifications, payment dates, and others. All those procedures that are very important for the client and that are very frequent are the ones that we migrated to these channels so that the client can self-serve 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and in a much faster way.

I do not know of another company that is using biometrics for WhatsApp with as much quality as you. You did the most complex part which is the enrollment, and it is very modern.

Julián Abascal: I believe that our digital strategy is born with enrollment. We could not have digital services if we did not have the assurance that the person we are enrolling is the person who says it is. From the moment we see the client in the first contact, he or she presents his or her ID, goes to the national database, and confirms the customer identity with their fingerprint.

You already start with a certainty that the person is who he or she says it is. All the transactions that you have to do for your pension, you can now do them without physically showing up to the bank. And that is what has made us so strong with the pandemic, because everything was closed, there was no mobility, but we could continue to provide new and current clients with all services without the need for physical contact.

Iván Miguel Aguirre: indeed, plowing the road for several years was what generated these benefits for us, because we launched the enrollment a long time ago so that we could be effective in this biometric system through voice. It has been so successful that today it is the channel through which we place the most loans to the pension system, 70% is through digital channels and about 60% is thanks to voice biometrics.

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