Black Friday is an iconic event worldwide. The next October 23 will mean for many the opportunity to access sales and incredible promotions. With consumption skyrocketing, physical and online stores will have to cope with this over-demand. As with Cyber Monday or the days before Christmas, high sales peaks demand that companies be prepared to answer the many questions that will come from customers.

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A trend that keeps growing

Since its popularization, this phenomenon continues to expand. In the United States, the Bloomberg agency projects that sales will exceed the trillion dollars for the first time. In addition, 1.56% of the population that did not participate in Black Friday in 2017 will do so this year, bringing the sum to a total of 75.11%. The same happens with the United Kingdom, which will see a growth of 1.11% over 63.01% last year.

Another important fact: although online sales are growing year after year, during Black Friday, a large part of consumers use both physical stores and eCommerce. In the United States, 80.34% follow this behavior, while in Spain, those who opt for both options will go from 25.77% to 43.58%.

In addition, according to the Black Friday Global site, the increase in average global interest in these offers was 117% in the last five years. There is no indication that the figure will fall.

How does over-demand affect companies?

One of the logical consequences of these popular dates is the increase in traffic on the websites of shops. Online sales grow in a matter of days, as do customer inquiries and complaints. 20% of the annual turnover is made in the month of Black Friday and that is intimidating. IF your agents do not have the tools to manage this situation, they can be frustrated. Your customers will certainly remember a bad experience.

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“In many cases, companies seduce their customers with attractive offers and then fail to give the right response to these and when they want to solve it is too late,” says Martin Frascaroli, CEO and founder of Aivo.

Black Friday, should also be intelligent and efficient

Aivo‘s customer service solutions will allow you to take full advantage of high demands. According to company data, during the Black Friday of previous years, AgentBot has helped numerous companies. Sony, for example, solved 80% of its clients’ queries through our intelligent virtual assistant, increasing its service capacity by 1200%. This progress has its justification: the AgentBot functionalities are extremely useful to speed up communication with customers.

Automatic response: it is immediate, fast and efficient. AgentBot will answer frequently asked questions in much less time than a human agent and will reduce the costs of the customer service department.

Broad availability: it does not matter when you receive a query, our chatbot with AI will solve it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Omni-channel experience: you can connect AgentBot to a web window or mobile messaging applications. The bot automatically adapts to each digital channel and offers the same quality attention.

Empathy: a close relationship with the client is essential to create lasting bonds. Long-term memory, the recognition of regionalisms and emojis and the understanding of natural language make AgentBot an expert in fluid conversations.

“The virtual assistants that companies incorporate into their customer service department should be characterized by a close and personalized service, as if they were human teams,” says Frascaroli.

Preparing for Black Friday is one click away

If you want more facilities, now you have the content Marketplace, our newly released solution. Thanks to it you can access a generic content package that will help you to satisfy the doubts of your customers without delays. If you already have AgentBot, you can download it from the platform. If you still do not use it, start today or contact our experts and take advantage of Black Friday to test its effectiveness.

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